Day 146: pasta and salad bars

Today’s menu: pasta with meat sauce, salad, orange, bread (tampon) stick

Here, here for pasta! It was the first meal I ate way back at the start of this here wacky experiment and here I am still eating some of it. I’m liking this strikeout feature all of a sudden….

I remain a committed fan of hot food and the pasta did not disappoint. Some days you just need a hot meal at lunch time. I could never do a PB&J every day because on days with terrible weather, it’s just too darn comforting to have soup or another hot meal to make your insides feel toasty warm. Orange and a salad? Thanks for the fresh food! Not to mention a logical pairing — pasta and salad go together well. The salad looks paltry in the photo — they have offered salad before, in styrofoam containers. I think they are going for a slightly more eco-friendly approach here. It’s not aesthetically pleasing though is it?

My commute was a breeze today so I’m assuming most of you are off for the holidays. I will keep lunch posts this week brief so that we all can enjoy the best part of the holidays: family and friends.


This month’s Titanium Spork Award will be combined with last month’s for an October/November (O/N) Double Titanium Spork Award. Time got away from me. Since so few people seem to be online this week, I’m going to go ahead and take your previous nominations and put them into a poll, which is now live! Please vote! The winner will get two sporks, one for each month!

Today Chef Ann Cooper was in Florida with First Lady Michelle Obama to announce work towards getting salad bars in 6,000 schools. Great news and a big congrats to Ann Cooper for starting the salad bar movement. She hit one out of the park today! (hint, hint –she’s up for a Titanium Spork Award!)

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8 thoughts on “Day 146: pasta and salad bars

  1. With everything always packaged, I suppose it shouldn't weird me out to see the salad in the little tiny package… but it does. Did it come that way the other times you had salad?

  2. I was at school today but just barely made it there. We've got snow and ice today. Hot lunch was a must! The kids were all freezing at recess. One teacher I worked with made hot chocolate for her class.

  3. Yes, and you can read all about what Ann Cooper is doing to revolutionize food service in Boulder schools in an in-depth series of articles starting here:

    Thought I'd mention it, since it's gotten so little play in the food blogosphere.

  4. Katie – I revised the post with a little more info about the salad. It doesn't really appeal packaged like that, does it?

  5. Is that whole wheat pasta or is it just the shadows in the picture? Because if it is that's awesome. The salad does look kinda sad.

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