Open thread: School lunch haiku homework

Your weekend homework challenge: write some school lunch/child nutrition act/nutrition haiku poetry. I’m a big fan of haiku (5-7-5) and I want to see what you “cook up” so have at it. Here are a couple of mine:

Ate school lunch today (5)
Swallowed and took a picture (7)
Better blog it now! (5)

Kids nutrition act (5)
It’s before Congress right now (7)
Let’s pass it ok? (5)

Lunchtime is so fun (5)
Then the food is on the tray (7)
Stomach says “oh dear!” (5)

Winter is coming (5)
My son likes tomato soup (7)
Perfect for the cold (5)

Lunch with Mrs. Q — Head on over there to share more haiku and ideas for reform. We had a nice chat with a small group of people last Sunday. With the holidays upon us, these two weekends in a row I will be unavailable, but we’ll set up a chat in December!

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15 thoughts on “Open thread: School lunch haiku homework

  1. Lunchtime is so fun (5)
    Then the food is on the tray (7)
    Stomach says "oh dear!" (5)

    Love that one!

    Here is mine:

    where did our food go
    manufactured corn products
    cannot feed our souls

  2. Oh Mrs. Q. I work for a giant food service company and their main goal is to turn a profit. My only "power" is that I serve the children with a smile. They are the reason that I love my job. 🙂

  3. Nothing says lunch like
    A mad rush for sandwiches
    And a milk carton

    Did Andy Warhol
    Reject spaghettios? When
    He preferred the soup…

    “Kids, for which meal was
    Kimchi, rice, and fish-paste soup?”
    “Breakfast, lunch, dinner…!”

    Training on chopsticks
    One dainty bite at a time
    Korean children

    Oh, ubiquity
    Fruit of back-breaking labor:
    Savior of the world.

    Staple of the world
    Oh, universality
    Of empty white carbs

  4. Mrs. Q, did you mean to set up a haiku forum at Lunch With Mrs. Q? I didn't see one so I posted some here:

    Blog long and blog hard
    You must expose the harsh truth
    Do it for the kids

    Poor salisbury steak
    Soggy and sealed in your box
    Only meal today

    Grown-ups talk on blogs
    I'm just a kid who hates lunch
    Help her make them see

    I can smell my lunch
    What happened to my pizza?
    Burned again today

    Class is late for lunch
    Big math test this afternoon
    No time left to eat

    Pop tarts before school
    Rice Crispies treats with my lunch
    How can I resist?

    Mom and Dad love me
    Always buy me Lunchables
    I think I'm lucky

    Hot dog for my lunch
    I feel bad after eating
    Teacher, my head hurts

    Hey what's this bun for?
    Must match something on my tray
    I can't even guess

    How many grains here
    For the USDA count
    Where's my abacus?

    Bread tampon again?
    Guess it goes with spaghetti
    Who makes this stuff up?

    @CLAMCO, these last 2 are for you-

    Clamco loves all kids
    Lunch lady has a good heart
    Gives them best she can

    Dressed up as a ghoul
    Amazing costume to boot
    Smile on every face

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