Day 147: hot dog

Today’s menu: hot dog, whole wheat buns, orange, fresh carrots

The glare on the hot dog package makes the hot dog look like it’s got some kind of magical powers. I assure you it did not. I ate it though and I ate the carrots too. There just isn’t enough time to peel an orange. I’ve said it from the start: the oranges need to be sliced. But points for effort: two days in a row with fresh fruit and veggies both days!

When it comes to temporary trays, I think that the paper might be here to stay and that makes me happy. It’s better than styrofoam!

My trash and also a KIND bar
Today I ate a KIND bar with my lunch. Yes, I added a little something to my lunch because I needed a boost today. I love KIND bars. In fact, they are my favorite bar at the moment.
I could fall asleep standing right now. I’m going to sign off early tonight. (Menu hint: tomorrow’s lunch is going to be turkey!)
Do me a favor and head over to my friend Ed Bruske’s website and read his amazing series on the school food transformation in Boulder, Colorado at the hands of another friend Chef Ann Cooper. I’ve been riveted each post and have learned a lot:

Remaking School Meals in Boulder: First in a Series-

Not Quite Cooked from Scratch…Yet-

The School Food Revolution in Boulder: Epilogue-

Make some hot cocoa and popcorn, pull up a chair, and read the whole thing. You won’t be disappointed: Ed is a great writer and it’s one helluva good story! Many stories that deal with food politics are boring and depressing — not so this series. After I read it I felt empowered. And when you are finished, can you give him a little comment love? Thanks!

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10 thoughts on “Day 147: hot dog

  1. Thank you, Mrs. Q, for spreading the word about the Boulder series. Enterprise reporting of this sort is a great thing when directed at school food. But only if people actually read it.

  2. Have you ever tried the Larabars? They are also really good and they are gluten free. They have lots of good flavors and are naturally sweetened with dates.

  3. I, for one, am dying to see the school lunch rendition of thanksgiving dinner. More importantly, I'd love to get a hold of photos of what they serve to prisoners on that day… just for a comparison…

  4. I don't blame you a bit for needing a Kind Bar, since you are avoiding the bread, I can't imagine a hot dog and a few bites of carrots would be enough fuel to get you through your day!

  5. I'm a teacher and we have the same company that your school has for lunch. I supervise the lunchroom every day so it is interesting to hear your take on the lunch because I feel the same way. Our lunch staff cuts the oranges and bags them which is nice, so most students eat them.

  6. I particularly enjoyed the Ed Bruske Boulder series. My district is about the same size, but I'm afraid they'd never try something like this. The administration has made each school cafeteria an independent entity that is supposed to turn a profit! Due to that requirement, they push even more poptarts at breakfast and chips and other a la carte junk at lunch because it gets kids into the line.

    We have sveral schools which could benefit from breakfast in the classroom like Bruske described. Maybe I could suggest starting there.

  7. I don't understand how a hot dog and some veggies passes for a full lunch. Honestly, that would not fill me up! I don't blame you for adding a bar. Does the hot dog bun count as two grains? Seems like some days there is a ton of food and then on hot dog days it's not enough to fill a belly. Especially if that is a child's only hot meal of the day.

  8. How long does it take you to peel an orange?! I timed myself and did it in less than a minute. My kids can do it in less than 5 and they're both elementary school aged. It might be a good experiment to see if you actually do not have time or only THINK that you don't have time.

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