New Youtube Channel with Wordless Life Skills & Recipes

Hi friends, I can’t believe it’s been 18 months since I posted an update here and I wanted to check in and say hello!

First of all, I’ve been focused on my speech therapy blog But last summer I launched a YouTube channel: Sarah Wu and I know you guys will like it a lot!

Click to visit my YouTube channel: Sarah Wu

I’ve been using video with my speech therapy students to work on sequencing, answering WH-questions, increasing vocabulary, describing, and retelling. Recipe videos are great for this type of work, but I’ve had trouble finding videos that work. Typically there’s too much talking and the video moves too fast. I made these videos wordless because I expect the speech pathologist or special educator to narrate the steps. My videos are without distracting faces, no text on the screen, and shot from a first person viewpoint. There is background music (and you can mute it). These are great for life skills instruction and for use in special education classrooms too.

I have just started these videos and plan on doing even more! One thing that has surprised me is that my students don’t know what butter is. Some of them call it “cheese.” Anyway I’d love to hear your suggestions for more videos that I can use with my students. Thank you!

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