Latest Update on My Life

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If you were wondering what I’ve been doing over the past few years — and you are also interested in going all the way back to how I started the project, I recently sat down for an interview on the Food Blogger Pro podcast.

It’s been a rough road for me since I started the Fed Up With Lunch project, truth be told. But I decided to share my story because I wanted others to stop wishing for a “viral moment” to happen in their lives. It’s kind of disturbing the lengths people go to in an attempt to have something they do “go viral.” For some going viral is a wonderful thing, but for others there is a price to be paid.

You can listen to my interview on the podcast from the Food Blogger Pro website, but if you are interested in food blogging in general, you can subscribe to the Food Blogger Pro podcast on iTunes and my episode is #107.

Thanks for your support over the years — it has meant so much to me. Don’t forget that you can still keep up with me on my instagram account (@sarahwuslp) or follow along on my speech therapy blog: I’m also on Pinterest (@sarahwuslp), where I share lots of pins about speech therapy and educational topics — so keep that in mind! 🙂

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One thought on “Latest Update on My Life”

  1. I was always inspired reading your blog posts…way back when you were Mrs. Q. As a fellow educator, I have seen lunches and lunch choices improve in my district over the past 5 years. I think that is due, in part, to efforts of activists such as yourself.

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