Taking questions: What to eat when pregnant

Crab apple tree I saw in Wisconsin this summer. 

Q: Just curious how you are managing your diet during your pregnancy?

A: I’m actually working on a bigger post with some rather offbeat tips (stay tuned), but I wanted to share that there is no comparison between my pregnancy with my son in 2008 and this pregnancy. First of all, I gained more than 55 lbs with my son. This time I’m about 30 weeks along and I’ve gained about 25 lbs. I know that weight gain towards the end of pregnancy is rapid so I’m going to gain more, but I think it won’t be 55 lbs. Also I started out this current pregnancy 10 lbs lighter than four years ago. I lost that last 10 lbs by going gluten free in 2011.

I eat so much real food now. Although I really considered myself to be a healthy eater when I was pregnant before, I ate things I wouldn’t touch now. Are you wondering what? How about Pop*Tarts. I went through a phase where I ate one every day. And my consumption continued at that rate when I was nursing. I was constantly hungry and thirsty and Pop*Tarts are about 200 calories each.

I know it’s not about weight and calories so if you are wondering how I feel, I can say I feel pretty good. Aside from some mind-numbing exhaustion (that I don’t remember being as intense last time), I pretty much don’t feel pregnant a lot of the time. Last time I dwelled on the pregnancy and worried constantly about money. I ate too much all the time because I was nervous and actually a little depressed. It’s a big, scary transition when you become a mom. Now I know what to expect. I’m not depressed, but I still do worry about money. Child care is so expensive, but I’m telling myself that we made it work for one kid so we can make it work for two.

Stay tuned for a longer post about diet in pregnancy in the coming weeks.

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  1. I’m curious to see what you are eating. I’m also 30 weeks and I have been following the Brewer’s/Blue Ribbon Baby diet. So far I have gained only 15 lbs even though the diet requires you to eat a lot of food each day. My iron, glucose, blood pressure, etc have all been great and I feel the healthiest I have ever been.

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