Mrs Q’s News: School lunch, veggies, and unprocessed food

 Berries from a farmer’s market in California last year

1) Twenty school lunches from around the world. Amazing to see so much real food!

2) Calling vegetables fun names makes kids eat them. How does “Power Punch Broccoli” strike you? I know my son responds to this kind of thing. Charlie will eat quinoa when I tell him Aaron Rodgers eats it to get strong. Works like a charm!

3) Great infographic about school lunch worldwide.

AND a bonus link to

BONUS: October Unprocessed on Eating Rules! Pledge to eat a month free of unprocessed food. Could you do it?

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3 thoughts on “Mrs Q’s News: School lunch, veggies, and unprocessed food

  1. Last winter my picky son found a garbanzo bean in his vegetable barley soup. He pulled it out and with a wrinkled brow asked me what it was. Without really thinking, I blurted out “It’s a POWERHOUSE!” and went on to tell him its great properties. He happily ate it and has enjoyed them since then (and he is not a big fan of veggies), and has referred to them as “powerhouses” when he’s seen them. I recently got around to telling him that it actually was sort of a bean, but he still eats them.

  2. You said “Pledge to eat a month free of unprocessed food.” But obviously you meant “free of processed food”! đŸ™‚ A month free of unprocessed food would be wild and weird, wouldn’ t it? Worse than eating school lunches for a year. I think we would come out of it feeling sick (and probably very constipated). Haha!

  3. My son is very picky. He is a very good eater (he loves salad and cucumbers more then any other food!) but not much for trying new things. He refused to try plums then one day we bought a bunch of them and the bag said Dinosaur fruit. Guess who gobbled up all the plums! LOL We also call broccoli trees and pretend to be giants when we eat it raw.

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