The YOURS Project

Something unbelievable is happening at one of my schools. It’s called the YOURS project and it’s an orchestra. It’s happening at Hibbard Elementary, a school where I’m stationed just 1.5 days a week (I speak Spanish and I’m shared between two school this year).

The YOURS project is modeled after “El Sistema,” which is a program that teaches low-income students in Venezuela to play classical music. I remember watching the 60 minutes special about the program and being so inspired.

Well, the a similar program has been happening at one of my assigned schools this year and it has been touching to see and hear the music before and after school when the kids practice. They are enthusiastic musicians.

Chicago Tonight covered the final concert of the year and you can watch the video HERE. I highly suggest watching because it will touch you and you will get an idea of what it’s like inside one of my schools. Oh and you gotta see Jonathan (an eight-year-old) conduct!

(PS My son is sick and it’s the last week of school. I’m completely unable to find time for anything!)

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