2012 CSA Week 5 — Spicy radishes


Before my son tried the radishes, he asked if they were spicy. He remembered from last year. I also find them to be spicy. I tried to eat them raw and sliced over a salad, but Charlie is right — they are spicy.

 Pretty, pretty

Because I’m most familiar with lettuce, I’m less intimidated when it comes to preparation. I chop it up, spin it in the salad spinner, and then put it in a large pyrex container in the fridge. Then it’s ready for a salad at dinner time.


I just haven’t been able to get excited about the purple green.

On the other hand, I found the cabbage to be so beautiful.

Note: This school year, in particular the past few weeks, wore me out. At night I have tried to blog, but due to total exhaustion I have just wanted to go to bed or work on household tasks. Sorry!

Tomato Mountain CSA: Shunkyo radishes, Vitamin green, lettuce, spinach, Red Russian kale, Chinese cabbage

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4 thoughts on “2012 CSA Week 5 — Spicy radishes

  1. Like you, the last few months of school were tough for me. I’m thrilled summer and all of its beautiful vegetation has arrived! Have fun!

  2. The kale is the one you’re having trouble with? I personally prefer it plain, but my mother roasts hers. She puts a pan in the oven to pre-heat and tosses her kale (she usually uses blue curled instead of red russian) with minced or chopped garlic and olive oil, then drops it onto the pan to roast just until it gets a bit crispy. I wonder if that or a similar recipe would work better for you?
    Also, my bosses daughter has steamed kale with her breakfast, but I’m not sure if she does any special prep with it.

  3. we get tons of radishes in our csa too. i ferment them (old style food preservation method) and that gets rid of most of the spiciness. even the black radishes that are uber spicy lose all their bite in a ferment. google fermented vegetables for recipe. fermenting is a great technique to know when you belong to a CSA. not sure what to do with a certain veg? toss it in the fermentation jar! not to mention fermenting veggies have tons of health benefits especially for folks with allergies/intolerances.

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