4 thoughts on “My Babble.com Piece: 5 Ways Parents Can Improve School Lunch

  1. I used to follow you about 18 months ago by way of a different blog I kept… I doubt you’d remember me in the slightest, but i remember being a huge fan of your blog and what it was that you were doing.

    Since that time, I’ve gone from being a late 20-something-year-old male that lived alone and worked a corporate job, to living with a lady with a 5-year-old son that currently gives cafeteria food a try every couple of days or so.

    I made the fight that a kid has the right to enjoy some school foods, while his mom was all about making his meals from scratch, at home, due to the quality. My reasoning was that I was a big fan of cafeteria food, while at the same time, had a series of bad run-ins with it as I changed districts a couple of times. I figured, let the kid decide. We reached a sort of happy medium on it.

    Anyhow, I’m quite glad to learn you’ve got a book published about it all, and hope to check it out soon. I think it is great things that you do. I look forward to following you more. And I agree, kids should have more time to eat…

  2. I like the ideas. I had reached out to my district (and got a …. bit of a cold shoulder response at one time) about changing the lunch and breakfast menus.

    I’m happy to say I’m going to be my school’s representative to this committee. I may be “the crazy mom” but there is SO MUCH we can be doing at the school. We live in the Midwest which means the farming here is pretty good during the nicer months. Schools have decent amounts of land and could definitely do some agricultural units.

    These five ideas are definitely helpful – and I’ll make sure to print them out and bring them along to the first meeting. Thank you!

  3. Loved the piece, but the comments struck me as naive, esp. the one that suggested parents just pack their child a lunch. That doesn’t take into account the hundreds of thousands of kids on the free lunch program who simply can’t afford home lunches!

    As a child growing up in an urban CA city, my fiance qualified for free lunch and a free breakfast program his school offered, as did all his siblings. The school served either a.) pepperoni pizza or b.) sugary cold cereal for breakfast, and often pizza with fries or tater tots for lunch! Two out of three meals he got all day were total junk. I’m sure he would have loved a home packed lunch, but there was absolutely no way his parents could afford it, and that goes for a lot of struggling families right now.

  4. I’d like to also say that as junior in high school I am fortunate enough to have a packed and healthy lunch every day. I would like to say that I feed three to four people off of that lunch because they don’t get enough to eat off of school lunch. I consider my self very lucky to have a balanced and complete meal.
    A few months ago my Freshman friend walked up to me with “Lunch” This consisted of a processed looking deli sandwich and a cup of nacho cheese. I got so angry that THIS was all the cafeteria was feeding her that I’m starting out on a crusade of my own against school lunch.
    The most important point for me is that where I go to school the people in the front of the line often get a completely different thing then those stuck at the back. Why is it allowed that we can feed some students a sort of balanced lunch and the others deli sandwich and nacho cheese because “That’s all they had left” I am fed up with school “lunch” And I hope to eventually add my voice to the dissent because honestly if my generation is going to be the doctor’s and lawyers of the people making the decision to feed us garbage, shouldn’t they be taking a little more care of the people who someday may hold their lives in our hands as caretakers, law enforcement, and health care professionals?

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