Feeding frenzy

Jellyfish shot I took over break at an aquarium.

Something is happening with me. I feel an urgency to live life. Something in my head keeps telling me to getting going and “do it now!” So I’m busy trying to figure out it is I’m supposed to be doing. I feel a pressure to move, to go, to be, to do. Problem is I just don’t know what to do and in which direction to move. My mind is not satisfied.

I’m sorry that haven’t had the motivation to really blog. But I have had the motivation to go to bed early…to read a magazine…to sit on the couch and watch TV with my husband. They feel like stolen hours. I spent every night on the computer for two years in a row. I’m finally ready to admit that I’m tired.

I know that content around here as been a bit off. Time is my enemy. I work all day and then I have so many household tasks. The blog gets what’s left after I put my son down. Sometimes I just want to eat cookies and go through the mail, you know?

Once per week for the past three weeks I’ve had book appearances that have kept me out until past my son’s bedtime. Tough for so many reasons. I can’t come home and blog at the computer those nights because of total exhaustion and then the following evening I just want to enjoy my son and once he goes down…I seek stillness.

Outside of my regular work as a school-based speech pathologist, the next couple weeks I’ve got some exciting writing I need to do, I’ve got some more book engagements coming up, and then a couple fun projects going on. I’ll update when I can with the good stuff, of course.

All the while you’ll be happy to know I have been diligently taking shots of my lunches and the lunches I pack for my son. I’ve been building a new blog for those, as I’m more convinced than ever that this website is not the place for the lunches I make for us. I had hoped to launch my personal lunch blog a little earlier than this, but at the rate I’m going I’ll reveal it in February (with a giveaway!)

So, content here will continue to be somewhat sparse. Thanks for your understanding and patience! If you want to keep track of me, I update Twitter regularly and Facebook once per day.

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6 thoughts on “Feeding frenzy

  1. Excited to see your new lunch blog! I enjoy your “what we ate for lunch” posts. Don’t worry about not posting as often, you deserve a break!

  2. The weekly lunch photos and the guest blog posts about food remain my favourite. a once-a-week update would be fine and wouldn’t take so much of your time…:)

  3. You can “really blog” just once a week now that there aren’t daily updates to give. You’re on to Blog 2.0…give it time to figure it out. You are on our readers…we’ll be here when you’re ready.

  4. Take a break, can’t wait for your new packed lunch blog. They were always my favorite posts. But sleep and family are more important 🙂

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