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When I was making the transition from school lunch to packed lunch, I decided to sample the wide range of options for lunch packing gear. I never had anything fancy before the project, but after a year of school lunch, I wanted to treat myself. looked like a great option.

If you are keeping up with my lunch posts, you have seen that I’m using EasyLunchBoxes pretty regularly. They are quick and convenient for packing my lunch. Their slogan is “pack lunches fast” and it’s true.

I like that there are just two parts to the system: the container and the lid. Dish washing is simple. I don’t have time to eat very much food at work so it’s the perfect size.

There’s a main compartment for a sandwich or another main dish and then two smaller compartments. The smaller areas are great for veggies like carrot sticks or kale chips or cut up fruit. The packaging states that the product is not leak proof and I inadvertently tested it by putting yogurt in one of the smaller sections. It leaked out a little.

The easylunchbox comes with a lunchbag. It’s quite big and can fit a lot of other snacks and even a small drink.

Another great thing about EasyLunchBoxes is the price: For the set of four containers it’s 13.95 and the lunchbag is $7.95. So if you are looking to add some new containers to your rotation, you can hardly go wrong!
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12 thoughts on “Product review:

  1. I stumbled on these awhile ago, I am not sure how?? I am thinking of purchasing some for my son as he starts K this fall AND he has summer camp this summer.

  2. This looks great! I've been reading with great interest all your various lunch container reviews, but I think is the one I'm going to try. Inexpensive, one piece, it sits flat in the bag (a big concern of mine), has space left over in the bag for things like whole fruit that won't fit in the container, and I can order just one and have containers for nearly a week (I don't run the dishwasher every day since there's just two of us). Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention! 🙂

  3. I also was going to post about Ziploc selling the EXACT same containers for MUCH less. I have a HUGE stack of them in my pantry right now. They are perfect for making up your own "TV Dinners". Also, I haven't had any problems with the Ziploc ones leaking and I routinely turn them on their side.

  4. We use these too, and love them. They may look like Ziploc, but they are different. They hold up better and are BPA free. These aren't leak proof because the lids are made so that kids can remove them by themselves. I've personally never had one to leak. They suggest placing a piece of plastic wrap or wax paper over yogurt.

  5. I use these all the time. You do have to do some planning especially if you have hot and cold items if that makes sense. Over all they help keep your portions in check!

  6. I agree. I love the Ziploc ones. My experience wasn't great with the EasyLunchBoxes. I agree that they are heavy duty, but the lids are not secure. I had to use a band around them to keep them closed. 🙁

  7. These look great for cold lunches. I take a lot of hot food (leftovers, soup, casseroles, etc.) for lunch and really love the pyrex brand 2 cup and 1 cup bowls. They weigh down my commute bag a bit, but I think its worth it!

  8. While the laptop lunches are more expensive, I am pretty sure they will last longer than these things will.

  9. A friend of mine uses these and she puts a piece of Glad Press and Seal over top of the leaky stuff to stop it from getting on the other food. She said it works well.

  10. So glad you are enjoying using my EasyLunchbox System and thanks so much for the wonderful review Mrs. Q! Here's a little more info on the difference between the Ziplocs and my EasyLunchbox containers:

  11. those containers look pretty good. I switched to pyrex no leak containers for when I bring leftovers for lunch. They don't have separate compartments, but the lids are leak proof and microwaveable. I'm not a fan of plastic, but if they are BPA free, i suppose that's good. Maybe one of these days our government will add that to banned chemicals – not going to hold my breath on it though.

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