I’m sort of excited…

about the next two weeks…

Thought-provoking school lunch content coming your way starting next week. I think it’s going to take you by surprise.

Changing the way I blog slightly. Writing good blog posts takes time and sometimes I can’t do a topic justice in just one night of writing. So I may not post for some time, but then come out with a doozy. On the other hand, I’m still figuring out how to share little pieces of news with you. Right now I’m using Twitter and Facebook for that since I don’t like to do more than one blog post a day (two max). I’ll take any tips on how to manage it — I’m still new to this!

Email apology I’m really bad about responding to email. I feel terrible about it. I’m sorry! A great way to contact me for a quicker turnaround is through Twitter or Facebook. I’m going to start tackling my email backlog on the nights I’m not blogging. When I first started this blog, I didn’t have a dedicated email address set up for the project because I didn’t think I would need it. I only created one when people wanted to communicate with me. Now fedupwithlunchATgmail.com’s inbox has more than 3,000 total messages.

The rumored blog redesign will happen soon! In my wildest dreams I never thought my blog would need more support and special features than what Blogger currently provides. But I hired a designer, I bought my own domain name, and I’m migrating to self-hosted. Why?

  • It’s tough to navigate around the blog. If you want to see the lunches I ate last year, it’s hard to find them conveniently. People want photos!
  • The blog looks too busy visually. There’s a lot of clutter, and yet, wasted space. Weird. I want to streamline it and make clicking through more user-friendly.
  • From what I hear, WordPress is easier to use and customize than Blogger and that’s what I’ll use on the new blog.
  • My archives and all 15,000 comments are moving too!
  • Just so you know, I did not buy fedupwithlunch.DOT.com — DO NOT go there because unbeknowst to me someone else bought it last year and this spammer/scammer redirects people to a shady clothes-buying site! I’m actually pretty upset about it.

I’ll give out the new URL when everything goes “live.” I don’t want to lose you in the transfer so I’ll make sure that the original blog URL and the RSS feed forward. Let’s hope it can be seamless. I’m thinking this will happen in +/- two weeks.

Oooohhh, this is going to be fun! If you have any techie words of wisdom, do please share them!

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4 thoughts on “I’m sort of excited…

  1. Cool! Can't wait til all these changes. Yes, WordPress is fantastic – check out Zomppa Kat's tips – she wrote three pretty in-depth tutorials. I can't believe someone bought your url!! Whatevs – your new site will rock it.

  2. I'm curious to see how the name change effects your page ranking and search engine traffic. i'm doing a move from blogger to WP too, but i'm too scared to change my name, even though I hate my blogs name right now. at 11p when i set up my blog on a whim, it "food with kid appeal" sounded like a good name, but in hindsight i should have spent more time developing a better name. my message isn't "if food is appealing kids will eat it" it's "if kids know they can become good eaters and are given a chance to practice daily, they will" appealing food is part of the recipe, but not the whole story.

    good luck. i hear the switch to WP is seamless for most bloggers, the name change might be more of an issue.

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