The First Lady’s Let’s Move Video

Here is the First Lady’s message regarding the first anniversary of Let’s Move! I found the video to be uplifting and of course I think she’s a great First Lady:

If you want to keep up with what the President and the First Lady are doing, I suggest you follow the blog Obama Foodorama. If you watch the regular news on the TV, you don’t get very much information about what the President and his wife are doing every day. I mean, I don’t want to know everything, but by subscribing to the blog’s RSS feed, I have found out that I really enjoy hearing about their public appearances, especially as they relate to food. Most of which is not covered by mainstream news outlets. Seriously, it’s a great blog.

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2 thoughts on “The First Lady’s Let’s Move Video

  1. I really love this movement and love her; but what is up with her blouse. I was so distracted by the weirdness at the chest and feeling like I saw her bra, that I had to watch it again to really listen.

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