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In October 2010, I spoke at BlogHer Food 2010 as part of the panel: Values – Our Food Future: Kids, Cooking, and Health. What made BlogHer Food special for me was that I was able to connect with people who care about food. It was like finding my posse.

What is BlogHer? Well, BlogHer is an organization and a community devoted to women, and men, bloggers. I’m a member of BlogHer and I participate in their ad network.

This year I was honored to be invited to be a part of the BlogHer Food 2011 advisory committee. Being part of the committee means I will offer suggestions on speakers (bloggers) as related to important issues in food politics, food policy, and social change in food blogs. The conference is to be held in Atlanta, Georgia on May 20-21.

Please feel free to submit your suggestions for speakers. Which food blogger do you want to see in person? What would you want to learn about? What do you want to see discussed in terms of food policy issues? In addition to suggesting topics and presenters, you can submit your own proposal for speaking. The “Call for Ideasends next Tuesday, February 15th.

Oh yeah, I’ll be in attending the conference too. I might even speak again…

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4 thoughts on “BlogHer Food 2011

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  2. This is just me being curious, and it might have been asked before – since you want to stay anonymous to the general public for now, do you just attend these conferences as Mrs. Q and not give your real name, or do the other participants need to agree that they won't disclose the identities of the people they meet?

  3. I avoid all cameras and they don't videotape me speaking. I introduce myself as Mrs. Q and then tell people my real first name. It's fun and no one has violated it. I'm coming out later this year too.

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