Open thread: Lunch confessions and food fantasies

The “ranch on pizza” discussion was lively. Thanks for enlightening me, but I’m not going to do that again even with excellent pizza and a touch of excellent ranch. 

What did you eat at school lunch (or whenever) that was strange by your standard or another’s? 

Someone asked me in an interview, “What do you wish you could have for lunch?” When I’m at school, I don’t think about any other lunch than what I’m served. Why would I because it would only make me think longingly about food I’m not eating. However, when I’m at home, I think about potential lunches I could make all the time.

Do you fantasize about food and if so what kinds of food? Or am I alone in this because I don’t have control over what I eat at school. My answers will be the first comment…

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60 thoughts on “Open thread: Lunch confessions and food fantasies

  1. I crave spicy, Asian foods – especially Malaysian – ALL THE TIME. Right now, in fact!

  2. school lunch – well, back in the day, the cooks actually baked – on chili day, we would always have cinnamon rolls. I used to dip my cinnamon roll in the chili.

    cravings – after typing that, now I want cinnamon rolls and chili. 🙂

  3. I went to a small catholic school that did not serve lunch except on Wednesdays when some moms would get together and serve food. On the other days my favorite meal was chef boyardee ravioli with chips mixed in! It was so delicious! like the right amount of mush and crunch.

    The foods I crave are usually Japanese food and pork. But when I went to college, I started to crave all the local restaurants back home. So when I come home from school my mom and I have a huge barbecue feast!

  4. @ Amanda: I LOVE liverwurst! Ate it all the time as a kid. In fact, one of my biggest cravings is a liverwurst sandwich with mayo and a nice fresh tomato. Oh how delicious!

  5. I crave, when I'm not in South Korea, Korean food. Now that I'm back, I find myself missing certain American foods that I can't really eat because of my lactose intolerance- velveeta shells and cheese being a big one. I know it makes me super sick, so I don't really do anything about it. But I'm excited that summer is finally getting here in Korea because then it's time for WATERMELON! Korean watermelons are some of the best I've ever had. Oh, and now I'm craving the best peaches I've ever had- from Nelson, New Zealand, they're called Rose Peaches I think. Delicious and beautiful red center when you cut it open.

  6. The food I think about in school was not actually provided by the school, but was senior year of highschool when we could all drive and leave the school. FAST FOOD! Almost everyday. It didn't seem strange to me at the time but I cringe when I think about what were were eating. Other than that I would often pack my own lunch with a peanutbutter and honey sandwhich on white bread stuffed with Doritos. Yuck!

    As far as food cravings…I have trouble processing gluten so I need to avoid it. Unfortunatly I crave bread all day long! A warm loaf of french would do the trick. I also crave any kind of cheese, pasta and bugers. Not very healthy!

  7. In high school I got into the habit of packing goldfish, rice cakes and a wheat bagel for lunch every day for a semester. It was carb heaven.

    Now I crave southern food that I can't get where I live now…fried chicken, mac and cheese, biscuits.

  8. I always used to eat potted meat as a kid. I never took it to lunch, but I would eat it in the summer at my Granny's house on Saltines.

    now the idea of potted meat makes me kind of nauseous.

  9. My favorite school lunch was spaghetti because it they had meatsauce mixed in instead of plain marinara and it was served with an ice cream scoop. The perfect mound of spaghetti was awesome.
    As far as crazy food cravings I have many: dehydrated salted peas, spoonful of icing, sweet tamale dough before its cooked. My mom is watering already!!!

  10. Occasionally, I crave foods that were served at school, and I fantasize about if I could "sneak" back in and get away with looking like a student eating lunch (I only graduated 7 years ago and am small for my age…)

    Probably my favorite food was chili cheese rolls or frito/dorito pie, where the cheese is so shiny/processed it was melted by the time you got your food to the table. Second is something called a happy jack – essentially seasoned chicken meat with cheese wrapped in a tortilla (only served two days a week – by far the most popular menu item though.) And third, mini corn dogs – imagine my surprise when I dined at my first BWW and saw them on the menu!

    I'm a super picky eater and I love to bake, so I crave desserts more than anything. Counting my calories has helped because I can't justify a third of my daily allotment going to a 2×2 square of confectionery substance.

    However, I am looking forward to later this summer where no one will judge me for eating a whole watermelon in one sitting!

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