Day 84: bean burrito

Today’s menu: bean burrito, carrots, applesauce, goldfish, milk

So I was able to avoid the burger and eat a burrito today! The burrito was good too. Your basic burrito. Carrots? The usual. Applesauce? Smooth. Goldfish? Surprise! Hmm….

I’m left scratching my head. But I’m still grateful for the burrito! And the fish crackers weren’t bad though they have a lot of sodium (220mg).


I’m going to be putting up the May Titanium Spork Award poll tonight. Vote when you get a chance!

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14 thoughts on “Day 84: bean burrito

  1. A bean burrito??!! That seems epic in a school. Did the kids like it?

  2. Is it just me or are you eating carrots every day now? Variety would be nice..

  3. I'm wondering what's in the applesauce, actually. A lot of the commercial stuff contains HFCS…

  4. That's the only meal in the past week I haven't wanted to throw up just looking at.

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  6. "Low sodium" goldfish crackers certainly have more than I'm comfortable with — particularly from a food that tries to claim to be healthier than the competition. I don't think they're any worse than other snack foods though, at least not if you plan on allowing processed food at all. If your child is only ever going to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and nothing from a can or bag then that's another thing entirely.

  7. Hi there
    I heard your interview on KCRW Good Food.
    I am not a parent, but I am appalled to see what children are being fed. No wonder there is malnourishment and obesity and food allergies.
    I am not sure about American school cafeteria laws, but I know in Australia there have been organisational and government movements to change the quality of food served in school canteens. (
    Glad to have found this blog. I really hope you can make a difference to cafeteria laws in America.

  8. Wow! That lunch doesn't look half bad. 🙂

    Does the applesauce taste really sweet? I'm always horrified by how many brands use HFCS in it. 🙁 Since applesauce is one of the few foods my autistic kid will eat I work at being aware of which ones are "safe".

  9. I've been reading the blog for a while, and this is my first comment…I have to say, I'm amazed at the carb loading of almost all these meals. Like, why on Pizza day would they also serve pretzels? I'm surprised kids aren't passing out after lunch!!

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