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I have been careful not to disclose my identity, my school, the district, or the food vendor. In case I haven’t been clear before: I like my school and the district. I love what I do and I chose where I work for many reasons. Names are left out because this is not about individuals. The food I am eating at my school is what kids eat in every state in the country every single day.

Fed Up With Lunch is not about blaming. The project was simply a crazy idea I had when I sat down to write my resolutions for 2010. Have you ever heard of a BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal)? I don’t know where I heard that term but when I did I thought, “What can I do in 2010 that would challenge me and be totally wild?” And then project came to me. My BHAG: to raise awareness about school lunches by eating what the kids eat every day in 2010. My hope: to help all of us be more reflective about what kids eat at school. I didn’t have a clue that the blog would “go viral.”

I had no knowledge about the school food reform movement when I started the blog. I didn’t know who any of the “big players” were. I’m grateful they welcomed me, but that’s not why I did the blog. I don’t want to be famous and I’m certainly not a hero. I’m a not important, a nobody. Frankly, I prefer it that way.

You know, I’m on the same team as my school, the district and even the food vendor. It’s not “us versus them.” I educate kids and “they” feed kids. We are both doing good things. I think there is a role for all of us. We can do better by working together.

I’m pretty sure that “they” know about the project and I think “they” might be trying to find me. And if you or “they” or anyone wants me to discuss it, please ask me (email address to the right). I have an open door policy. Come on in and join me in what has turned into a national discussion.

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64 thoughts on “Us AND Them

  1. Forget the trolls that are trying to say you are not doing something great! Years ago I had a regular "posting" on a blog…with a secret identity and I got a lot of flack from people. I understand that you are worried for your job and in this day I do not blame you.

    If someone does not stand up for those that don't have a voice (or the understanding) of what is healthy then our country is in worse shape than we all think. Children understand what we teach them. As parents, if we feed our children chicken nuggets, chocolate milk and fries for lunch, they assume that it okay….but if we explain to them, teach them and provide them with the information that they need to be healthy people, we not only support their health but increase their abilities to understand.

    I see your frustration and feel it. As a former preschool director I was sicked by what I saw kids eat. Even now I see what the kids around me eat and wonder why their parents think that is healthy. I know that when we changed our sons diet (more fresh, less processed) his health, behavior and attitude changed.

    The other day I was watching a little news clip that showed people cooking meals for the homeless….I have to tell you..the homeless people were eating better that night then most kids in our public schools..salad, fresh baked bread, a homemade beef and veggie stew and fruit salad.

    Keep up the great work! I am behind you!

  2. To Lisa:
    Every district in your state may not be as fortunate as your school's district. She said every state, not every school in every state. I'm sure if you did some homework, you'd find that some other school, in some other district, is on the Mrs Q diet.

  3. Mrs. Q, I think what you're doing is great. You are provoking thought in people about school lunches, people who would otherwise have no idea what a school lunch today is like. Change doesn't come without starting the discussion. I know that my students eat foods similar to your students, and one day they even had BEEF JERKY as the main part of their lunch. That's unacceptable for anyone, especially a child.

    And @lisa I don't think Mrs. Q was trying to say that every child eats that way, only that there are children in every state who are fed like that. These days, it's more likely than not to be like Mrs. Q's school.

  4. I think you have every right to be anonymous. You shouldn't have to make yourself a martyr to get your point across. I believe that you are doing what is best for your students by trying to keep your job and bring to light what they are eating. You obviously care for your students. Keep up the good work! Summer will be here soon : )

  5. @lisa, she didn't say every school, and apparently not YOUR school. How nice that YOUR school has "tons of choices" (and if they do, why? Do they need them? Where is the funding for all that choice coming from?.) She said every STATE. In fact if you take a little drive over to the next school district and peek at their cafeteria, you'll probably see what Mrs. Q is eating.

  6. I only read the first comment but I want to let you know that I don't blame you from being worried, I feel that your posts still focus on the important point of school lunch and overall health education for kids. Keep up the good work, you are helping people. Interesting how the quote about "paranoia" came from somebody commenting anonymously đŸ˜‰ Also take faith in the fact that you have a lot of supporters.

  7. ¡Dundundun! "They" are trying to find "you." Very James Bond or maybe more appropriately, Lindsay Moran. Good luck, cadet!

  8. You're doing a wonderful job, don't let any of the negative comments bring you down. I am a dietitian working with special needs children so I see many families and see lots of what children ask for off the shelves or get served at school. I love your blog, it is very relevant to me.

  9. I started reading a few weeks back. Its good in many ways, it brings many openions to the table. I have been a "Lunch Lady" for a few years now I get tired of defending what I do. I always invite people to come eat and make their own conclusion.
    Its the school lunch that is making kids fat? is just not true. Not to say that many school DO need help in their lunches, however to blame school lunch for kids being fat is "crazy"..
    We need a comercial on TV now to tell us how important it is to eat at the dinner table together, with a good home cooked meal.
    I have started a blog about the lunches we serve.
    School Cafe Worker

  10. I dont think anyone should think poorly about Ms. Q's thoughts about her job or status in her community… this is her blog. Her way of changing the world around her. Just one of us should be so brave as to put our every thought and emotion out there for the world to see. i think quite a few people would have stopped by now due to the attention.

  11. I think alot of you guys missed the #1 comment's point…

    "We all understand that you want to make sure your jobs safe, in this economy we all understand that. But it doesn't need to be the underlining tone of 50% of your posts."

    I totally agree with that. Ms. Q, I get tired of you reminding me that you want to be anonymous to protect your job. My mother is a teacher so I can understand why you want to maintain anonymity. The internet is the perfect medium for this, and you do have a right to remain anonymous. I don't think you have that much to worry about, tell us more of your ideas on fixing the food.

  12. "Anonymous said…
    I love your blog and what you're doing with it but your paranoia is ruining it."

    I disagree. I believe Mrs. Q is being highly responsible, to her job, to her students, to her family and herself. Not paranoid. Just careful and confidential. In addition, there are new people coming to the blog everyday. The explaination is for them as well.

    And given that this was an "Anonymous" comment, it holds less weight IMO.

  13. "I believe Mrs. Q is being highly responsible, to her job, to her students, to her family and herself. Not paranoid. Just careful and confidential."

    I agree. In today's economy, you can't be too careful.

    "In addition, there are new people coming to the blog everyday. The explanation is for them as well."

    Exactly. Sure, there are people who have been reading the blog since the beginning and might be getting tired of the anonymity explanation. But who among us, other than Mrs. Q., can say how many people have started reading since then and have wondered why she works so hard to stay anonymous?

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