Day 63: hot dog

Today’s menu: hot dog, whole wheat buns, beans, fruit cup, milk (not pictured)

It feels like it’s been awhile since I ate a hot dog. You know, today it tasted pretty good. The beans were piping hot, which made them taste a lot better (in a previous post I discussed how canned baked beans were one of my favorite foods as a kid).

I was pretty hungry today and so I ate the fruit cup. Normally I take a sip and a spork-sized bite and move on, but today I ate every last pear equivalent. They were cold little masses and I sucked them like lozenges. Soothing like an ice cold mushy cough drop. I should have been diving into these little cups of mouth fun all along!

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23 thoughts on “Day 63: hot dog

  1. Please note that if you ever come across a regular cough drop that is mushy it is advised that you not stick in your mouth.

  2. I'm glad it tasted pretty good. But you know what? From here what strikes me is the packaging and the serious amount of brown coloured food. I wonder if whole wheat equates to real fibre, making it real food? You are one heck of a woman taking on this project Mrs Q 🙂

  3. When did lunch become so..complicated? Whatever happened just to sandwiches? Is lunch an important meal of the day? Or is it more about a big breakfast, a light lunch, with a good dinner? At my College, (private..) they serve the same nonsense food here…Frankly I rather eat fast food, ( and have.. ) cause at least it tastes better. But here, lunch seems more like dinner, and dinner seems more like lunch. For example Lunch consisted of chicken patties, a pasta bar ( they change the bars daily..pasta salad..stir fry..only at lunch..where staff cook the veges or whatever in front of you with the your choices of veges to put in..but the line for that is crazy and usually no time for it..) and for dinner well they had grilled cheese sandwiches and pork loins. And no tomato soup. College students fill up on fries and grilled cheese for dinner? really? But my point is, what defines lunch? I say lunch needs to be a simple affair.

  4. So, I do not know if you have a yahoo account, but I went to sign onto my account to check my mail, and there was notice on the today news about school lunches being a security threat. Seems that the kids are getting 'too fat' to serve in the military. Here is the link if you would like to check it out..

    By the way, I really enjoy your blogs. I look forward to reading them. I have even posted a few of them to my facebook, like the one about lunch-ables. =]

  5. In a reply to the most recent anonymous poster above me… Each meal should be a delicious, healthy, hand made affair. It's exactly that kind of attitude that these crap lunches are feeding our kids.

    Mrs. Q, you're oing a great job and have really opened my eyes to what my kids are probably going to be eating in school. Keep it up. You've got courage and conviction and it's amazing what you're doing to bring attention to such a hot button subject right now. Thank you.

  6. Keep it up, Mrs. Q! Personally I could never eat the food that you do everyday, but if this is what it takes for people to realize we shouldn't be feeding our children this either, then what you're doing is an amazing thing. I hope that the right people see this and realize it's time for a real change. Between you and Jamie Oliver, I'm simply amazed and disgusted at the same time about the state of school food in America…

    So glad my mother never let me eat it! Real food is the way to go…

  7. Oh no! You're saying nice things about the frozen fruit cups! It's Stockholm Syndrome! 🙂

  8. My kid won't eat school lunch on hot dog days, he says the buns are always stale.

  9. Muffinzz! I was just about to say Stockholm's!! Mrs.Q….I hate when you have hot dog day:(

  10. Muffinzz that is so funny!!

    I can see the headlines now… " Mrs Q goes over to the dark side!"

    Gotta laugh.

  11. Why am I not surprised to see a lunch of processed meat accompanied by carbs?? Well, let's at least hope that those beans had a bit of fiber in them so it's not a total lost cause, right?

  12. Wow- another super processed carb and sugar overload.
    Only a few more weeks Mrs. Q. Hang in there.

  13. I have to say this…

    It is not only the school lunches that bring obesity to children, it is the way they are fed at home. Most parents work 6 to 8 hours at work and when they pick up their children, I am sure the last thing they plan on doing is making a dinner. So of course the last option would be is to pick up some shitty processed food. Which is the problem, for once i would like people to realize we need to start battling against the products we see in our grocery store; almost everything we have in our homes contains something that does not need to be there.

    Its not just the schools!

    The government provides this food to every school, now that they are "getting involved" somehow makes people feel better. That is not the case. I agree that food in schools needs to be changed; but, first i think we need to tackle the issues with the food we see everywhere.

    We live in a society were even our organic food is way to processed.

  14. i have spent the last week with a friend who had a heart attack and would have died without immediate medical intervention, which he miraculously received via a nurse who was on the scene and gave him CPR.

    he is 32 years old and athletic; he had the heart attack during his daily run.

    it struck me as i read today's post that many of the meals you describe are heart-UNhealthy according to the research i've spent the day reading. hot dogs? bad.

    maybe we need the mayo clinic to weigh in with their opinion about school lunches.

  15. How does that meal meet the national food guidelines? (not that they are good). But there are no veggies in that meal.

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