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Guest bloggers

I’m really excited about the line-up of guest bloggers I’ve got coming at you this month. The project is going to take on a new dimension with the addition of other viewpoints and fun, new school lunches. Some of you have commented on blog posts that you want to guest blog, but I need you to email me directly to coordinate this as I don’t have any time to seek you out.

(Would the teacher who ate school lunch with her child every day in February email me? I know she commented in the past, but I can’t find it. I’d love it if she could guest blog and I want the link to her blog again)

In an effort to “conceal” my spring break week, I’m going to sprinkle in guest blog posts every week with school lunches. So that means that some days I’m going to eat lunch and snap a picture of it, but not post it same day. I like the idea of having some school lunch shots “in reserve,” Occasional commenters want me to reveal my identity and I’d really love to one day, but right now I think I have power in my anonymity. There’s no reason (or pressure) to “come out” now. I think it would be great if I could do a big reveal at the end of the project. Seriously though it’s going to be anti-climatic!


I am revisiting putting ads on the blog. When I did the poll back in January, 80% of you supported my putting ads on the blog. Ultimately I decided against it. Since I am paying for the lunches out of pocket and I spend all my nightly free time on the project, I might as get some pocket change back to cover my costs and my time. I doubt I’d get much money for the ads, but if I did I would want to donate a portion to my school, a school-to-farm initiative, or something related to the mission of the blog.

Time, or lack thereof

I have so many interesting ideas for the blog, but I really have so little time. I have family commitments and I work full time. Every night immediately after the little one goes to bed, I run straight to my laptop to work on the daily post, look over the comments, and then check out twitter. Lastly I check my email, which in amount can vary widely. This entire process takes at least an hour and if I want to do more than one blog post, I’m on the computer for close to two hours.

There are many nights that I turn off my computer, head directly into the bathroom to brush my teeth, and go straight to bed. But I bring home work that I have to do two to three nights per week. It’s either a very late night for me or I skimp on the post. Normally I choose to stay up late! The state of our house? Wrecked! I leave everything until the weekend. My husband is picking up the slack (and doing stuff for the blog on the side to help me out), but it’s quite taxing on the household. Most nights the dishes do not get done.

The reason I’m sharing this is that I want you to know that I really want to interact with you, my readers, more. I want to comment on your comments, but I just don’t have the time. I want to respond to all of your emails, but I get the chance. Please forgive me. Time is my enemy.

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15 thoughts on “What’s to come

  1. Sounds as though the ad revenue might first go to a housekeeper to take the stress off. Something small but something every working mother could use. I would donate a bit each month just for you to have that! Nothing like a housekeeper to come in once a month for the heavy cleaning and a bonus to come once every week.

  2. Thank you! That's sweet of you. Actually I do have someone come and clean every other week. It's a luxury that I budget for. We are doing fine. I just have been reconsidering my stance on ads. Thanks for reading!

  3. Yay! AdSense! It was either that or I was going to start begging for a PayPal button.

  4. This guy, ProBlogger, has lots of tips for making the most of advertising on your blog. (I am not in any way acquainted with him, other than as a reader.) You probably know about Amazon's affiliate program (it's very easy to do), where you can pick items to highlight that are appropriate to your blog/posts. I believe you can do both AdSense and Amazon without interfering with each other's Terms of Service.

    As popular as your blog is, you'll very likely have lots of folks offering you good deals to advertise their products.

    Important: Be aware of the new federal guidelines for blogger disclosure once you begin advertising.

  5. I am so interested in your blog & the content! I am a Mom who works at the school during in lunch hour and recess. Every day I am mortified at the site of the lunches and the lack of nutrients these kids are receiving. The kids take only what they want and that most likely eliminates the veggies or fruit. The kids that get the lunch on a daily basis are the free or .40 reduced lunch! I pack my kids lunch everyday. I have a 10 year old who has celiacs disease and can't eat wheat or gluten. My 7 year old gets the pizza every Friday. It's great pizza compared to yours (LOL)

    Thank you for doing this blog and putting so much time and effort into it!

  6. You blog is great, but I'm sure part of the popularity of it is that there is a mystery to who you are. Don't reveal. When you stay hidden as to who/where you are, you end up attracting new people everyday that like the intrigue of the whole James Bond act! Keep up the mystery. And keep up posting about the mystery. It is like a book you are unraveling the plot to. No one knows the ending yet! I love it!

  7. All I have to say is "WOW!" The school where I work has the same exact foods (minus some of the veggies which aren't ordered because the kids don't take them and they go bad).
    I'd like to know if you're experiencing a difference in your ability to focus on teaching, since my kids (and sometimes myself and other teachers) are also eating this food.
    Keep up the awesome work!

  8. Why not just giving us a donation button? Or get a school-to-farm initiative to sponsor you?

    I prefer the first: It keeps you safe, and you can do paypal anonymously.

  9. I'd be more than happy to donate or contribute in some way, please consider a donation button! Even though your house may be a mess at the moment, this isn't a long term project and what you are doing is more important that having a perfect abode, as you can tell from your growing readersip. Unlike a previous comment, I DO NOT agree that your anonymity is part of the appeal. That does not have anything to do with it. It's because of the good writing and subject matter. Keep it up, I love it!

  10. I guesss I should note. AdSense (and Amazon) doesn't fall under the FTC blogger guidelines for disclosure. Only if you get something for free and write a good review for it. Then you just have to say that "Pampers sent you a sample of diapers" or whatever. But regular ads don't fall under the guidelines. And the FTC won't chase YOU down even if you don't say the freakin' diapers were free. They'll go after Pampers. (Why Pampers? Why Diapers? idk)

  11. Can you point me in the direction of your email address? I just found you (via twitter, @RSP mentioned you!) so I have only started reading, but am loving it so far! Great idea and great job bringing the awareness to this subject!

  12. Wow. I take that last comment back… Just saw your email address. So sorry! But amazing blog! Thanks!

  13. The food is terrible. But the problem is not the school and its not the administration. The problem is funding. If you go to inner-city schools that are predominantly attended by Latino and African-American students you will find that their lunches are horrible. On the other hand, most suburban schools, predominantly white, have better lunches. It's unfortunate but real. At the same time, for many of these children THIS IS their only meal…and I can't help but feel that your criticism–just like that without really doing much more–only highlights their unfortunateness. So maybe you can use your blog to do something about the horrible food at your school and not just criticize it.

  14. Just now reading your blog for the first time after I saw a link via my Yahoo! home page. Love it. Don't know how you handle it along with a full-time job and family, but I'm impressed. Nice work, and keep it up. I blog about kids and food, too, but not nearly as faithfully as you do!


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