Changing my name

I’m changing the project’s name to “Fed up with lunch: the school lunch project.” It aligns directly with my twitter account and email address.

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5 thoughts on “Changing my name

  1. Does this mean the blog's URL will change too or just the name of the project?

  2. Love it! I love seeing someone take this on…my parents made my lunch every day because they didn't want me eating the "food: the school offered. When my son starts school, you can bet I'll be packing his lunch as well!

  3. Hello! I am also a teacher and fed up with school lunches. My school is a Title I school so we also serve breakfast. This often includes poptarts or a 420 calorie muffin, juice (which says on the label contains no fruit juice), and chocolate milk. I am concerned because as a Special Education teacher, I have heard from many parents of autistic, FAS, or ADHD/ADD kids that their diet can have a major impact on their behavior. For example, glutton negatively impacts a student with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome making him hyper and unfocused according to his foster parent who swears by a glutton-free diet. I've had diabetic children who want to eat the sugary snacks and lunches everyone else is eating and having severe insulin reactions as a result. My question to you is Have you noticed any impact between lunches and classroom behaviors? Have you read or do you know of any studies that show a correlation between diet and children's behavior. I know most of my students after lunch complain a lot about a stomach ache and it really is difficult for them to focus on learning with a gassy tummy. Plus have you ever tried to contain a room of giggly pre-teens after someone passes gas? Honestly, they all lose focus!!!

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