Health update

I went to the doctor today. I have gained one pound in two months. But keep in mind that I’m no angel outside of work. For example, we just had Valentine’s Day and I ate a lot  some chocolates.

I also want to let you know that in December I did have blood taken, I did a sugar fast, and the basic stats were run. At that time I was normal. I did have low HDL (the good cholesterol), but my overall cholesterol is fantastic.

Why did I do that? Well, I have awesome insurance that gives healthy adults a yearly discount if I get a physical and basic blood work done (thereby proving my health status). I love the policy because it’s common sense. Plus it’s a great way to discover a problem before it turns into something. Preventative versus reactive. It’s way cheaper to give discounts up front than pay for a major problem five years down the road.

When those tests were run, I hadn’t even fully come up with the idea of the blog so it’s really fortuitous. Whenever this project ends, I’ll be able to compare pre- and post-data.

That being said I haven’t been feeling myself recently. I’m having more stomachaches and that’s why I visited the doctor. I’m looking into it and I’ll keep you updated.

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13 thoughts on “Health update

  1. After reading your post on red meat, I was wondering if you'd had any suggestions to do a pre and post physical exam. Sad, but not surprising, that you are already experiencing issues. Very sad to think that the one meal you highlight is sometimes the only one your students eat. Hope everything turns out ok for you.

  2. I've wondered about your health.

    You seem to be pretty positive about the food you're eating, but I'd be worried.

    I also work at a school so I know you're very brave for doing this project. I only eat my school's food if I am desperate for a lunch.

  3. For many of the meals you post, there is a vegetable or fruit (carrot sticks, whole apple) that I'm betting most of the students don't actually eat. Which means their health from "eating" the same lunch is probably not going to be as good as yours.

  4. I wouldn't make too much out of gaining one pound… body weight fluctuates by a couple of pounds every day. Drinking two cups of water will add a pound to your weight. But it would be interesting to see your blood work at the end of the year.

  5. hi,

    I read about your blog in the newspaper and was interested about the food American students have to eat. And I must say I'm shocked!! I am from Austria, Europe, and thought that the food in our "Mensa" is not the best, but what you have to eat let's my worst nightmares come true. Yuck!!! I think I couldn't eat this meals.

  6. Mrs. Q., since you posted that you are lactose intolerant, I have noticed that you are still eating the cheese lunches. I don't know how much lactose there is there, but that may be something to think about, as it is of course still a milk product….

  7. Have you seen Supersize Me? Hope you don't end up like him. I doubt it. As bad as this food is, I'm willing to bet that McDonalds is worse.

  8. You could weigh yourself 6 times in one day and fluctuate by more than a pound.

    Your'e essentially the same.

    I know many are predisposed to get down on school lunches but they do have nutritional guidelines. I doubt you'll find a big change in your chemistries.

    Also, you're eating portions sized for children. (Unless they're giving you more?)… so you're eating less than an average adult would eat at that meal.

  9. i'm sorry to hear you've been feeling under the weather. hopefully the trip to the doctor's helped!

    just saw this recently and it reminded me of your project. i can't really say if the product is any good or not, but it feels like another potentially harmful, overly processed food product being pushed on children. the video clip at the end, in particular, disturbed me a bit!

    just thought you might be interested!

  10. If its doing that to you, think about what its doing to the kids after years and years of eating that way.Uggggh makes me sick.

  11. I also feel the need to comment about the nutritional government guidlines that the school supposedly follow…its just basically a blanket. At my kids school a serving of fruit can be peaches in heavy syrup or an overly processed beef substance patty ewwwww are you kidding? If thats what they call following guidelines man are they off!

  12. I'm psychiatrically disabled and thus on medicare/medicaid and live a below poverty level income. The one thing they absolutely do not cover is preventive, meaning they do not pay for physicals or regular check-ups. Because I cannot afford to pay for the physicals (and also pay rent, ultiities and food) which every doctor requires just to first see them and usually yearly, I do not even have a personal doctor and have had no medical attention in many many years except the odd trip to the emergency room. I live through months of extreme pains and illnesses and need psychiatric care but psychiatric won't treat me unless I have an internist to handle regular blood testing and whatnot. Clearly they would prefer I just die rather than try and make me well and again able to be a productive member of society. So be glad your health plan prom,otes good health rather than just hoping and incentivising it so you don't use it. Obama care damn well better add coverage for physcials to medicare but due to the 500 billion dollar cuts planned to Medicare, I fear that may not be the case. They'ed rather extend the life of the already dying by mere weeks for 100,000's of dollars than just spend a couple hundred a year on those who still have a chance at life.

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