Day 32: bagel dog

Today’s menu: bagel dog (turkey), tater tots, apple, milk

That’s what I had for lunch today…

A dear friend of mine had a family member who owned an apple orchard. Many years ago she saw me eating an apple at lunch. She told me, “Never eat around the stem because when they spray, the pesticide collects in the top.” It wasn’t soon after that I started eating only organic apples.

In fact, apples are one of the fruits that an informed consumer should buy organic. (See 10 Fruits and Vegetables to Buy Organic) Of course I don’t have a choice in this project. I try to sample every food, but I find it really hard to take a bite of the apple.

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21 thoughts on “Day 32: bagel dog

  1. Must say I don't know what a bagel dog is. How many grams of trans fat are in that lunch? Is that a reimbursable meal? If so, where's the vegetable? I was told the same things about apples but it's very hard to find a locally grown organic apple unless you grow it yourself.

  2. I have been reading your posts for quite some time now. I think it's an incredible thing you're doing.

    How much weight have you gained and have you had to increase your pant/clothes size?

    On Twitter: @glycotrainer

  3. I'll bet the potatoes aren't organic, either. I recall reading an article awhile back about the pesticides on potatoes…they were interviewing a farmer who said that he'd rather lose his entire crop of potatoes to drought right after spraying than let one of his workers go out in the fields in the first few days after a spray, because the pesticides were that toxic.

  4. Apples are on the list of the Top 15 MUST BUY ORGANIC items. Along with:

    1. Peach
    2. Apple
    3. Sweet Bell Pepper
    4. Celery
    5. Nectarine
    6. Strawberries
    7. Cherries
    8. Kale
    9. Lettuce
    10. Grapes – Imported
    11. Carrot
    12. Pear
    13. Collard Greens
    14. Spinach
    15. Potato

    Peaches and apples had the most pesticides detected on a single sample, with nine pesticides on a single sample, followed by strawberries and imported grapes where eight pesticides were found on a single sample of each fruit, according to EWG.

    On the flipside, the produce with the LEAST amount of pesticide residues were:

    1. Onion
    2. Avocado
    3. Sweet corn (frozen)
    4. Pineapple
    5. Mango
    6. Asparagus
    7. Sweet peas (frozen)
    8. Kiwi
    9. Cabbage
    10. Eggplant
    11. Papaya
    12. Watermelon
    13. Broccoli
    14. Tomato
    15. Sweet potato

  5. wow. thanks for documenting this. these photos speak volumes. it's sad that our nation apparently sees no priority in offering real food for kids in school. nutrition aside, this stuff looks as appetizing as a bowl of dog food. actually, i think i may feed my dog better than this. school lunch has really hit an all-time low. it's sad that kids and many adults have no idea where food comes from or what they are really eating. all the wrappers and throw away containers are worrisome too. farm to school programs are the future… i hope.

  6. I don't get the comments about six tater tots. Is that a lot or a little? Or does it refer to something else entirely?

  7. Okay, are they heating this food in the platic wrappings? I don't even want to go into how bad that can be for the kids. 🙁

  8. It is obvious that the food companies that supply the food to our schools are in it for the buck. In the movie Super Size Me, he ate Mcdonalds for 30 days and got extremely ill. I say watch your health as you eat these lunch meals because you can just see that there is nothing substantial in that meal. The Apple and whole milk, 2% milk or what. Very Sad and oue children are not our future they are our Now! You can watch Super Size Me on Hulu for free and he went into schools to see also and kids do not eat right and the choice of eating good food is very limited.

    You must educate the children at home and parents must get involved in demanding proper nutrition at these lunch meals. Starting at the companies that prepare the food for schools in not donr in house.

    Look at the overweight problem in society and the flipside is children that don't eat for that skinny model look. I believe that both sides have food or lack of food involved but the root is love and acceptance. Love your children, teach them properly and if need be, make them good food to eat at school. It is possible, brown bag it, I did it and it is still done today. It is a priority issue, are they worth it?

  9. Not only does it look gross. It wouldn't feed anything. 6 tator tots? Seriously. I'd be starving if I wasn't puking over the quality.

  10. I think it's ironic that you are worried about the apples but are eating the low quality meat without a problem.

  11. All of you that blame the schools for child obesity are idiots. If you allow this so called bagel dog to be served in your your community's schools, then shame on you. I don't know where this picture surfaced from, but if i worked closed to any of the schools in my community, i would eat there for lunch every day. If your are so envoled in your own world that you don't have time for school board meetings or family dinners, then keep giving your kids money to fend for themselves at the nearest McDonalds while you're out in la la land. That's right, let's blame someone else.

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