Day 6: Cheese croissant sandwich

Today’s menu: Cheese croissant sandwich, broccoli in a secret sauce, pear, chocolate milk

Lunch today was pretty light on the protein. The cheese in the sandwich was nothing special and didn’t seem very satisfying. The broccoli had a weird sauce going on… I couldn’t place it, but it tasted slightly sugary. Strange meal.

I thought I might lose weight on this special “diet,” but after work today I was ravenous and ate some pringles, which I normally do not eat.

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3 thoughts on “Day 6: Cheese croissant sandwich

  1. That is such a sad meal I was still in school i would have been starving after lunch. I feel bad for the kids that have to eat some of these lunches. In some cases this could be a child only full meal for the day. :0(

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