Day 7: Hamburger

Today’s menu: Hamburger, wheat buns, tator tots, fruit jello, chocolate milk.

I ate everything. The patty was how do you say nothing like any hamburger I have ever eaten. Mystery meat in every sense. I also really wanted more than just six tator tots. The fruit cup was NOT FROZEN, so I ate it. I also drank the chocolate milk, which was ok.

I normally don’t drink milk at lunch. So now that I’ve added a lunchtime milk, I’ve noticed some interesting changes. I’m getting a little lactose-intolerant in my old age.

This lunch was better than other lunches in that there was more protein and I wasn’t as desperately hungry after school like I have been in the past. But overall it still isn’t enough for the kids who eat this one meal at school and that’s it for the whole day. There is significant poverty at my school and some of the kids are very thin (and others are very, very chunky). No matter what size you are you should be able to eat healthy at school.



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4 thoughts on “Day 7: Hamburger

  1. so far, I notice lots and lots of carbs at every meal! that will weigh you down and make you sleepy.

  2. Getting to this blog nearly 2 years after it was written, so the author probably won’t see this question, but….

    Is chocolate milk the only milk offered at lunchtime?

    (Heard about this blog on the PRI site.)

  3. I can’t recall reading whether you work at an elementary school or a high school, but these meals strike me as very small for a teenager. I guess it would be acceptable (calorie-wise) as one meal for a younger child. That said, it’s depressing to think that this may be the only meal a child gets in a day. It’s a small quantity of food and generally low quality food at that.

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