Keep fit with incentives

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I were a pedometer that looks like a watch. In fact, many people assume it’s some kind of fancy watch. It’s a $25 pedometer in a $5 band. It’s part of our health incentive program for me to wear it. A step goal is set for me (7,000 steps per day) and if I reach it for a certain number of days, I receive money. Last year I earned $175 just for wearing it. This year I hope to earn just as much. But it’s about the money — it has become addicting to check how many steps I take per day. Do you have a pedometer or fitbit? What do you think?

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One thought on “Keep fit with incentives”

  1. How did you earn the money? I would love to have that as an incentive to get more steps in each day. I wear a fitbit currently, but would be willing to change it up!

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