Two Years Ago Today Mrs Q Revealed + A Giveaway!


That was two years ago today. Just looking at that picture makes me nervous! Long time readers remember how crazy paranoid I was. Everything turned out *pretty much* fine.

In celebration of the two year anniversary of my book being published, I’m offering a giveaway:

First and foremost, you will win a signed copy of my book!


1. Fed Up with Lunch: How One Anonymous Teacher Revealed the Truth about School Lunches — and How We Can Change Them!Β Β And I will personalize it for you.

Second, I’m including the following books off my shelf:


2. Recipes Every Man Should Know

3. Yoga Pretzels

4. Cake Doctor Bakes Gluten Free

5. Easy Cut-up Cakes for Kids

6. Kids Cook 1-2-3

7. Cornelia Guest’s Simple Pleasures

8. How to Grill

9. Knives Cooks Love

To enter, please leave a comment on this post. I’ll close the entry period on October 13th and randomly chose a number to win.

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35 thoughts on “Two Years Ago Today Mrs Q Revealed + A Giveaway!

  1. I was a daily reader of your blog when you were in your “anonymous” phase. I remember how worried you were about your school finding out. Even though my kids were out of school by that time, the photos of the meals you were eating were cringeworthy. I hated the thought of my kids eating that stuff, although I never took the time to investigate what exactly they were eating. My bad. They never complained, so I assumed every thing was find. Recently I asked what they ate at school, and found out that if it wasn’t Pizza or Hamburger day they were filling up on poptarts and chocolate milk!!! eek!!! I admire the work you continue to lobby for healthy food choices in our schools.

  2. Thank you for taking us along on this journey! Your stories (and photos) of school lunch started making me take a much better look at the lunches I pack for my own kids, not to mention what is served at our school cafeteria. Thank you for taking the risks to raise awareness of what is on our kids’ (and our own) plates!

  3. Wow–these books look great! I’m still in awe that you ate CPS lunches for a year… Thanks for all you do!

  4. Happy anniversary! Reading your blog made me look at the lunches at my son’s school much more critically, and helped make my decision to pack lunches a lot easier. Thanks!

  5. I have loved reading your blog before I began teaching and even more so after I started teaching! Thanks for your hard work and giving everyone a window into the school lunches being served.

  6. Happy Anniversary! I’ve eaten a few lunches at my daughter’s school and they are not delightful. I pack her lunch. Then, they changed lunch offerings last year. I was so excited! There were things that she COULD eat! They’ve changed much of that back this year because the kids wouldn’t eat it. So sad.

  7. Two years? It hardly seems like it was that long ago! I check your blog every single night to see if you have written and I get excited when you have! (Don’t worry, I’m not a stalker.. I am mostly bedridden due to illness and I check out about 80 blogs a night). πŸ™‚ I’d love an update on you and your family and what you’ve been up to.

  8. I am a soon-to-be SLP CFY, and was just starting grad school when you were blogging your year of school lunches. I am also a mom of 4; two of whom have eaten school lunch for the past 5 years. Thanks for raising awareness about child nutrition across the country.

  9. Hello! Stumbled upon your blog through a retweet on twitter from Erin Chase! The books look truly interesting hoping I win so I learn more ! πŸ™‚

  10. Oh, I remember that time so well! I was nervous for you!
    My kids weren’t in full time school yet so lunches weren’t a big issue for us, but they sure are now, and I learned so much from you!
    Happy ‘coming out’ Anniversary!

  11. your blog inspired me to be a health coach (which I’m sti trying to figure out how to do in a school lunch program.) thanks for looking out for our kids, and having the guts to shine a light on the shortcomings of the school lunch ‘system’.

  12. I have read your blog from about 2 weeks in, you have brought a lot of ideas to me for cleaner living, it saddens me to think that this is the best meal some kids get all day!

  13. I just started following your blog about a year ago. It’s been a real eye opener reading and viewing all the different lunches the school serves. it’s also provided me motivation to pack my kids lunch when it’s his time to start school. thanks for a great blog!

  14. I loved reading your blog and it made me more conscious when packing my kids lunches on the days they didn’t have school lunch. Thank you!

  15. I’ve been a daily reader, I remember when you were revealed… I can’t believe its been 2 years!

  16. Thanks for all you have done, Sarah! My son’s school does not have a cafeteria so I have to pack his lunch and snacks every day. ( I feel your pain on packing lunches sometimes ). My daughter is still in preschool and her school lunch is ok most days but they still offer keebler processed snacks and other iffy items at snack most days.

  17. Wow. I can’t believe I’ve just come across your website and learned of your book! Great stuff you’ve done hear and I’m looking forward to reading more!

  18. I really enjoyed your daily pictures and musings while you were working on your school lunch project. It’s prompted some interesting discussions with friends and coworkers who never really thought about what was being served to their kids in school. Honestly, it’s going to be part of my criteria in deciding on public vs. private school when my little guy gets old enough. Thank you for drawing attention to this subject. It’s time to start serving our kids real food again!

  19. I hate coming back to pick up my kids from lunch to see that most of the things on their tray were never eaten and/or hardly touched. And just like you said, parents don’t realize. If they knew how much money they were wasting on buying their child a lunch at school, they’d faint!! Thanks for continuing this conversation! I’m your newest follower.


  20. Is it too late to enter? I am currently a dietetic intern working at a school district in the nutrition services office. I would love to read your book and gain your perspective on the current view and potential future of school lunch!

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