{Photo Challenge} Day 2: From where I stand

IMG_5107r I love art

Today’s prompt is “From where I stand.” Sometimes I stand and admire kids’ artwork in the hallways. Normally I’m not still, but instead moving through the hallways to get students for speech class. I don’t have time to stop, but today I was at a different school to assess a student. As I was leaving, I noticed these butterflies. I had to pull my camera from my purse for the shot. Yep, I’m carrying my large camera around with me now and of course I’m taking more shots. The young artists who made the pretty hand-butterflies are in preschool. I love the free imaginations of little kids.

My mom was an art teacher in a former life (she’s a lawyer now — she’s awesome). I have to thank her for instilling a love of art. I hope I can do the same with my sons.

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