{Photo Challenge} Day 18: Tattoo


Update 5/27: Okay, my son got a temporary tattoo that is now fading.


I got nothing.

I don’t have a tattoo. No one I know has one either. I wasn’t about to ask any of my coworkers, “Do you have a tattoo?” I don’t want to know the answer — and can you imagine if I followed up with, “Can I take a picture of it?” Yep, that was not going to happen.

So. I guess I’ve been stumped!

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5 thoughts on “{Photo Challenge} Day 18: Tattoo

  1. Maybe something not so literal? Like- a student desk thats been written on, or another type object that has been imprinted on? Lol I have a tattoo so this one wouldnt stump me, but it did make me think outside the box when you were stumped 🙂 Also, my daughter occassionally likes to write on herself (UGH) and she will write something like “I love my mom” (She is six) because she thinks she will get less in trouble if she writes something nice about me, hahahah.

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