{Photo Challenge} Day 4: Tiny Worlds

IMG_5126rPretty little flowers

Today’s prompt is “Tiny worlds.” I tried to catch a bumblebee on a flower, but I wasn’t fast enough. They were out in small numbers today. Finally, it really feels like spring.

Since moving late last summer, we’ve been discovering secrets about our property. These flowers just showed up on a so-so tree that’s to the side of our back porch. Anyone know what kind of tree it is?

The online course¬†providing¬†inspiration is called “Treasure Hunt: 30 Days of Photo Joy.”

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3 thoughts on “{Photo Challenge} Day 4: Tiny Worlds

  1. Those flowers look like stone fruit flowers to me. My guess would be plum, but could be cherry, nectarine or peach. Doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get fruit, it could just be a flowering cherry. Does it have any leaves on it? The shape of the leaves can give more of a clue to type of tree.

    1. Thank you! My husband would be thrilled if it was a fruit tree. It has small, dark purple leaves.

  2. From your photo, it appears to be a Purple Leaf Plum Tree. It does bear edible fruit, but it not exactly a low-maintenance tree. It requires a bit of care and upkeep, and it does not have a very long lifespan. It is prone to disease and a few specific bugs/aphids, so you would be best served to do your research and find out how best to take care of it. It will take some work, but it is definitely a beauty to look at!

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