Check out: “Failing” at #Unprocessed

In September I blogged about signing up for “October Unprocessed” on Andrew’s blog, “Eating Rules.” I wasn’t able to eat unprocessed food the entire month. I just didn’t make it. Andrew invited me to submit a guest blog post about my experience, which you can read by clicking over: “Failing” at #Unprocessed.

I’m in the last month of my pregnancy and I’m just failing down tired all the time. Sorry about the lack of posts!

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One thought on “Check out: “Failing” at #Unprocessed

  1. Very nice post.

    I don’t think you could call yourself a failure, though. I remember reading your introductory post about going unprocessed, and there were QUITE a lot of differing opinions on what that even means.

    Like you said, you weren’t driving through all of the fast food restaurants on a regular basis. You were still eating healthy on a whole. And that’s what I think being healthy is all about. Yeah, we all have ‘slip ups”. But as long as we get back on track, that’s what’s important.

    Heck – we’re taking our kids to McDonald’s tonight for a school fundraiser. Not the best food, but we’ll have one night of “crap” and get right back on the healthy eating. No biggie.

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