Mrs Q’s News: School food reformers; BPA and Obesity


The pregnancy fatigue has really put me over the edge. At night when I normally carve out time to blog, now I just want to sleep. I know that urge is going to ramp up in the next two months. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

1) Cool two-page handout via Spoonfed (Christina) — Handout: Why school and junk food don’t mix. And what educators can do about it.

2) Bettina is featured in the paper: School food battles move from pink slime to cupcakes.

3) One thought-provoking study is reporting a connection between the chemical BPA and childhood obesity.

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One thought on “Mrs Q’s News: School food reformers; BPA and Obesity

  1. Tennessee, where I teach and live, has actually banned candy as a treat in education but schools here still use it as a form of classroom management. When I taught elementary school my principal endorsed it as a form of classroom management and it just created problems with students and financially as a teacher who dealt with over 600+ students a week. Being more informed now with my graduate studies I think a token economy that involves items that do not use food work out a lot better.

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