Mrs Q’s News: Is School Lunch Unconstitutional?

(I know the photo has nothing to do with school lunch, but I just like it)

1) Rep. Todd Akin (yeah, that guy…) thinks that the school lunch program is unconstitutional. Say what?

2) Two high school students went undercover with a video camera to investigate school food (See: School lunches become a billion-dollar battlefield). Not surprisingly, I love that kind of thing!

3) Healthy school lunches: How to get kids to eat them? Recruit parent volunteers to be “food coaches” — I think it’s brilliant.

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9 thoughts on “Mrs Q’s News: Is School Lunch Unconstitutional?

  1. my campus wont allow parents in the caf as volunteers. they don’t want to take the risk of us interacting with kids the wrong way. like i might tell a kid that white milk is better for them than choc. milk, then the school gets a complaint that someone told their child chocolate milk is unhealthy. or that even though i’m an approved volunteer and educator on growing good eaters outside of school grounds, i might harm a child with my attempts to have them feel better thru food, thus have a better learning outcome in the classroom. it’s silliness.

    1. Whatever happened to children making their own desitions (excuse the spelling)? Minute they wake up they are told what to do, waht to say, how to act (if they dont’ act that way their labled as having ADD or ADHD), being sat in classes hour after hour with other children who are expected the same way, after school is said and done their thrown out into the real world expected to know what to do and how to be independet when they never had any independce to beguin with since the moment they were born.

  2. After the changes I would love to see how school lunches in my district are being handled. Every day I would see the entire meal covered in breading of some sort, the veggies covered in mystery cheese, and everything having sugar in it.

  3. Do you have the link for the parent volunteer story? It links to the previous (student video) story.

    Also –

    Jenna, that is an interesting situation with your school. I suppose it does highlight the fact that food is a very personal issue and how a family could be upset about how food is presented, labeled & explained.

    To use your example, most who read this blog would agree, yes, white milk over chocolate (of course, some might question if milk should be there at all?) – but if a family has made a decision that it is more important for their child to drink milk, only will drink chocolate, and they are not as concerned about the chocolate/sugar/sweetener and want the child to consume the milk, perhaps the child might skip it completely to avoid what they hear being called unhealthy?

    I understand from your comments that you have credentials & would have the ability to guide in a supportive way, but all who would want to volunteer might not have that level of understanding and ability that you have.

    Just an alternative way of seeing things.

  4. “Say what?” You say nothing. Nothing to say?

    The Federal government is increasingly invading our private lives yet you say nothing.

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

    One day you will wake up from your “sleep” and find you are not allowed to say anything.

    1. Paying to feed children at school, something that has been going on for nigh a hundred years now, is not “interfering with our private lives”. And yes, the government is allowed to regulate what government-run schools sell with government-provided money.

      1. There no constitutional provision for the federal government to provide school lunches; likewise, there is no constitutional provision for Federal involvement in public education.

        There is this in Article 25, though: …there is a uniform system of public education, which is being constantly improved, that provides general education and vocational training for citizens, serves the communist education and intellectual and physical development of the youth, and trains them for work and social activity.

        Yep, that’s the 1936 Soviet Constitution.


        1. Finally someone has said it, frankly if they wanted ‘healthier’ school lunches they would either require your parents bring one from home or, in the case where children can not get fed due to whatever, they would get 100% real healthy food. Shipped that day, ate that day and nothing left over that couldn’t be spoiled the next day.
          Its all about the money.

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