Week 10 CSA 2012: 3 Uninspired Ways to Eat Up Strawberries

I didn’t do anything creative with our strawberries, but none were wasted. Here’s how boring I was (and you can be too!):

1) Snack on them “straight.”

2) Make strawberry pancakes. Just chop and add them right to the batter

3) Put them on your cereal.

I really, really wanted to make a strawberry pie, but I couldn’t find the time. How lame is that? Maybe I was a little bit scared, too. I haven’t ever made strawberry pie before (and certainly never gluten free).

Now don’t forget there is a major delay in my CSA posting — life just got in the way. This box arrived at my door more than a month ago:

Garlic scapes

Rainbow chard


For those of you hanging on until this series is over, I’ve just got a couple more weeks to post (and I think I’ll double up on CSA posts next week) and then I’ll wrap up my CSA blog posting.

It’s the height of the growing season so farmer’s markets are overflowing with produce. For the rest of the summer (after I wrap up CSA posting next week), I‘m going to be blogging about what I buy at the farmer’s market and how you can incorporate more fresh fruit and veggies into your diet.

Tomato Mountain CSA: Strawberries, Garlic scapes, Rainbow chard, Lettuce, Tokyo Bekana

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4 thoughts on “Week 10 CSA 2012: 3 Uninspired Ways to Eat Up Strawberries

  1. If you think it’s “lame” that you didn’t have the time to make a strawberry pie from scratch, I think your expectations might be set a little high. You’re probably better off eating them straight out of the carton, anyway. 😉

    1. I really wanted to give it a try, being that I had never made one before. Good point though!!

  2. I recently got my hands on a huge and inexpensive container of beautiful strawberries. My absolute FAVORITE go-to baked good with strawberries is strawberry rhubarb crisp. No crust, but you still get the crust-like flavor from the crisp topping. And very easy to make healthy! I used agave in it for the first time ever, it was still fantastic.

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