Mrs Q’s News: School lunch fraud in Chicago and more

A modern art look at school food

Last week was interesting in the world of school lunch…. Where to start? Well, why not in my own area?

  1. School Lunch Fraud: Twelve principals and assistant principals from Chicago Public Schools (CPS) have been removed from their positions because they lied to get their own children free lunch. To qualify a family has to make less than $29,000 per year and you have to physically write your income on a blank. Principals and APs make around $120,000 per year, in case you were wondering. The real question is: do they want to feed their kids school food that badly or do they hate packing lunches from home enough to commit fraud?
  2. Gym Classes Being Axed: Schools around the country are cutting physical education classes because of budgetary and testing concerns. Yeah, and there’s a whole body of research connecting physical education to academic performance. No one is paying attention to research…and common sense.
  3. Swedish School Lunches: Free school lunches in Sweden look like real food. I think they look like Thanksgiving or Easter meals, actually. Now those lunches might be worth lying on a form to get, but the irony is that they are free to all students — no application necessary. [Article link and photo gallery]

Happy Monday!

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3 thoughts on “Mrs Q’s News: School lunch fraud in Chicago and more

  1. OMG, that is disgusting fraud being comitted!! I surely hope that these administrators are ordered to repay what they stole and do not get re-appointed to their positions.

  2. I lived in Sweden in high school for a year, and the school lunches were generally delicious, and self-serve. Yes, on real plates, with self-serve milk and “saft,” which is a diluted juice/sugar mix…. the only questionable food was really my poor vegetarian friend, who had to go knock on the kitchen door to get her “special” meal, which we all called “Whiskas.” The lunches posted are rather gravy-covered, but I bet that was added by the diner. One thing of note -Swedes like to add ketchup to everything. More than Americans do. A nice spaghetti sauce? Not complete without a LOT of ketchup… it actually put me off ketchup for good! lol.

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