Food Revolution Day — May 19th

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Food Revolution Day!

It’s time we start questioning what we put into our mouths and what our children are eating. In that spirit, Jamie Oliver has named today, May 19th, as Food Revolution Day. There has never been a more critical time for humans to reevaluate our food choices and to think about our place on the food chain. I believe our food system is broken. Why? Because it revolves around fake food. Unhealthy food (and drink) is robbing us by shortening our life spans, increasing health care costs, and making fast food mega-corporations richer than ever.

It’s preaching to the choir to blog about this with you guys. We already know the importance of educating ourselves about real food, learning how to cook, learning what  “fresh” and “seasonal” really mean, and involving our kids in family discussions about food around the dinner table. If there are any non-believers out there, I suggest you check out the infographic put out by the Food Revolution: Bring Food Education Back. I truly believe that food reform is the way to save our planet, our health, and our lives.

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