Technical blogging difficulties

I hear crickets.

Lots of crickets.

Sorry I’ve been pretty much absent over the past couple weeks. I lost my blogging mojo at the same time I experienced connectivity issues here at home. Tonight my husband and I ended up abandoning my computer’s WIFI connection, moving my desk to the TV room, and hooking my computer up directly to the network. I noticed a difference immediately in internet speed.

But I have to say that when I lost my internet connection, I gained some other things. When I couldn’t go online, I could do the dishes. When I couldn’t go online, I gave myself a reasonable bedtime. Months ago I couldn’t even fathom setting a bedtime, but I can tell you it has made a difference.

While I was blogging like crazy for those two years, I knew that that pace was unsustainable. I have a full-time job and I have a family. Over the weekend my son was under weather and then he had a really bad day on Monday. When your child is sick, everything shuts down. I also have a lot on the agenda for 2012 (some really big things). I just can’t keep up like I used to. I need an assistant! Or even a virtual assistant…any takers? I’ll pay you in…sporks?

I hope to be able to blog more consistently now that everything loads so quickly, but I can’t promise anything. I’m working on achieving balance, which requires taking breaks from the computer.

Many of you are curious about when I’m going to launch another blog with my lunch photos. I’m still taking the photos, I just need to upload them and tweak another webpage. I keep thinking I’m going to find time on the weekends, but I really don’t have one spare moment. I see myself working on it over spring break. At the moment all my spare moments are focused on this little guy:

He really likes being outside — and yes, that’s a black cat hat! 

Getting him to stay still for a photo was really hard. I had to tell him he was going inside if he didn’t pose for me! This is the best I got.

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3 thoughts on “Technical blogging difficulties

  1. Sarah, your sweet little guy plus putting balance back into your life tells the whole story about who and what is so important.

    I think you may enjoy this link to a 16-minute TED talk by Sherry Turkle who talks about how advances in technology sometimes leave us alone and disconnected from family, friends and wonderful life experiences.

  2. After having tried to start a blog myself I know how difficult it is. I find hours of my life sucked away and I end up with a mediocre result…which means it gets harder and harder for me to start next time. So kudos for you for less-than-mediocre (aka good/interesting) blogs!

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