Our summer trip to Rockford: Discovery center museum (part two)

I think there is value in taking inexpensive trips to places within a few hours drive from home. The current economic situation has put a damper on long distance travel and sometimes taking a “staycation” is boring with kids. My son can only stay inside for so long

As I blogged about last week…after we milked goats on the farm, we headed out to Discovery Center Museum in Rockford. We had a lot of fun inside the museum, but the real treat was outside.

The wooden play area and maze was huge, with swings at one end.

It was so fun for my son to run and jump on the wooden walkways.

The museum is situated along the river (pictured above — top corner). I had no idea there was a river in Rockford. Unfortunately, as we were leaving I didn’t snap any pictures of the bridges going over the river (I was driving so that would have been dangerous), but they were pretty, too.

The optical illusion room!

When we left Rockford, we swung down further south to catch a minor league baseball game, the Kane County Cougars. That weekend was all about our son: milking goats and hanging out at our CSA farm, going to a children’s museum, and attending our son’s first baseball game.

The field — that day was so hot. I’m missing that weather now.

What a great vacation!

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2 thoughts on “Our summer trip to Rockford: Discovery center museum (part two)

  1. We love Discovery Center. Went there on Wednesday. I wouldn’t say it is inexpensive, though,but I suppose price is relative.

  2. I haven’t been to the Discovery Center in decades, I remember taking my kid brother there when he was pretty young, and he’s now 25. I remember the optical illusion room, but I don’t remember the wooden walkways at all.

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