Lunch Wrap Up: Week of Nov 28th

What a week. It wasn’t that unusual, but I really felt like I barely got through. Then I was sick this weekend so I am really behind in everything, especially housework.

Charlie’s lunches

Turkey wrap, blueberries, peas, apple slices, bar

Charlie told me he wanted a wrap when I had asked him in the morning. He was so over leftover turkey that I decided to go with lunch meat (anti-biotic free, no nitrates). After I picked him up from child care I mentioned the wrap and he said he wished I had cut it. Duh. Child care menu: Meatballs in tomato gravy, steamed rice; veggie blend, apple

Potatoes, gravy; apple slices; turkey; avocado; bread

I made that bread in the bread machine and my son was crazy for it. Yes, it’s gluten free. You can find gluten free bread machine mixes. I haven’t felt strong enough in the kitchen to try to make my own gluten free bread. Also there’s the whole lack of time thing. Child care menu: BBQ chicken, cheesy mashed potatoes, green beans, orange, Italian bread

Turkey carbonara with sun-dried tomatoes; frozen chickpeas; oranges and pears; corn muffin; bar

We were looking for creative ways to use up the turkey and we had started pasta before we realized we didn’t have a drop of red pasta sauce in the house. We dug up my cousin’s partner’s carbonara pasta recipe and it was phenomenal. I will be sharing the recipe after I secure permission. We ate through a ton of the pasta and only had enough leftovers for the little guy (and not us). The chickpeas were not a hit, but everything else was. I purchased bagged frozen chickpeas to avoid cans. Why? BPA levels soar after eating canned soup. Yuck. Child care menu: Pizza noodle bake, salad with dressing, pineapple chunks, wheat roll.

 Mac and cheese; pretzels; pea pods, egg; sliced oranges

The oranges came back, which was slightly surprising. I have agreed that he can eat some fruits and veggies provided by the child care so I’m wondering if he ate their fruit. Child care menu: Mac and cheese, veggie blend, banana, roll

Bacon; applesauce; crackers and apple butter; green beans

This is one of those skimpy kind of lunches. Friday lunches are usually bad. He ate everything accept for the apple butter. Child care menu: Turkey and cheese wrap, lettuce, applesauce.

My lunches

Turkey sandwich, avocado; yogurt; blueberries and an apple slice

Turkey, bread; avocado; grapes and yogurt; popcorn

I was so pressed for time that I couldn’t even fix myself a proper sandwich.You should know that grapes and yogurt is not the best combination. And the popcorn I made on the stove. I used “Tiny but mighty” popcorn in coconut oil with a dash of salt. Amazing.

Turkey sandwich; carrots; pears and oranges; Bumble Bar

Nothing green at all since I ran out of spinach. Boo.

Mac and cheese with peas; hard-boiled egg; sliced orange

Larabar; chicken stew/soup; apple; crackers

I made a crockpot meal the previous day for dinner. When I packed it up for leftovers, I heated it up that morning and then put it in the thermos hot. I’m happy to report that the thermos held heat. It was warm, not piping hot but not cold. Next time I might pack it in some kind of sleeve. If I knew how to knit well, I’d knit a little thermos cozy.

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7 thoughts on “Lunch Wrap Up: Week of Nov 28th

  1. Preheat your thermos- put boiling hot water in it for 5 minutes or so before you put the hot food in and it will hold heat even better :).

  2. My dear, knitting well doesn’t enter in to it! A lacksadaisical/slapdash job will work perfectly well as insulation! Looks don’t matter! 😉 Taste matters!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey, last week we had a gluten-free, shellfish free, PORK-free, Monosodium Glutamate-free Thanksgiving that was a total success! The Celiacs present were flabbergasted that we met their needs 99% (separate rolls), but hey, we understand!!!! It totally rocked, and I’m thinking about hosting the same gathering for New Year’s!!!!!

    1. I’m one of the MSG-free people, so when I showed up with a casserole that was both MSG and gluten free, I was a hero!

  4. Re: the chickpeas: You can buy dried chickpeas to avoid the BPA. I know it sounds like a huge pain but I reconstitute them in batches in my crock pot. Super easy. Then you rinse with cold water for salads etc.

  5. Thermos cozy–that made me smile! Have you tried filling your thermos with super hot water and letting that sit until right before you head out the door? Dump the water, stick your heated (as hot as possible) food in and it should hold until lunch as long as lunch is about 4-5 hours away.

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