Lunch Wrap Up: Week of Dec 5th

So this week I found out that my son isn’t eating the cut oranges or any of his applesauce at school. These are foods he likes at home (more oranges than applesauce, but still). His caregiver told me, “Please don’t give Charlie any more applesauce. He’s not eating it.” I was floored. Just this week I asked him, “Do you want apples or applesauce in your lunch?” He told me applesauce. I’m not losing sleep over this, but I’m puzzled why he said that when he’s not eating the applesauce.

Charlie’s lunches

Lamb with peas and rice; yogurt; oranges; gluten free pita (bought from a local bakery)

My son loves rice, meat, and pita bread, but yogurt is iffy. The bombshell this week was that he’s not eating those oranges, even though he loves them at home. Child care menu:┬áLasagna, veggie blend, sliced pears, wheat bread.

Corn muffin; pepitas; chicken; grape tomatoes; avocado; applesauce; crackers

I picked my son up and his shirt had little red splotches all over. Well, he ate his tomatoes. The second bombshell of the week was that he ate none of his applesauce. I’m still reeling from this new revelation. What to do now? Child care menu: Turkey taco, cheese, lettuce, veggie blend, tropical fruit, tortilla

Turkey burger; apple slices; “buttered” raisin bread (soy free spread); carrots; ketchup; crackers

When I have a late night, my husband will often cook turkey burgers as a “default” easy meal. It’s nice that then there are leftovers. I made that gluten free raisin bread myself in the bread machine. Big hit with Charlie. Child care menu: Chicken tenders, salad with dressing, cinnamon apples slices

“Buttered” bread; chicken; kiwi; applesauce; rice

It was after that meal that I found out he’s not eating his applesauce. I wonder if it’s the change in packaging… Child care menu: Turkey hot dog, rice, baby carrots with dip, banana, wheat roll.

Spiced lamb with cooked apples; rice; peas; sliced pears

My husband prepared this dish as well. I’m sure you have figured out by now that my husband loves lamb. The previous night he decided to make lamb three different ways. Child care menu: Mashed potato bowl, green beans, applesauce, wheat bread

My lunches

Lamb with peas and rice; oranges; yogurt; pita

I thought this was a particularly excellent lunch. My husband even chopped figs and put them in with the rice. I’m proud of him for learning to be creative in the kitchen.

Pita ham sandwich; tomatoes and avocados; yogurt; apple

That sandwich? It sucked. It wasn’t the bread. I guess I’m really not into ham.

Turkey burger on raisin bread, apples, carrots; figs; pear sauce; ketchup; BumbleBar

I’m still working my way through the pear sauce stash, after my son refused to eat it (at home). I’m wondering if that was the beginning of the end of the fruit sauces.

Chicken with pasta and sauce; orange; nut-free trail mix

I’ve decided that I like eating cut oranges. Peeling them is such a pain and then you have weird white residue on your hands and you smell like citrus. It’s much easier just to take a bite.

Lamb with peas and rice; oranges; BumbleBar

I’m so lucky. My husband cooked three out of five weeknights because he’s had a light couple weeks at work.

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9 thoughts on “Lunch Wrap Up: Week of Dec 5th

  1. My daughter is a bit older than your son but about the same age. There are so many lunches I pack her for school that has her “favorite” foods at home and she doesn’t touch them at school. So you aren’t alone. She eats well like your son so I have just wondered if she is getting older and likes a diversity of foods like mom and dad?

  2. Mrs.Q, I wonder if Charlie would go back to eating apple sauce, if he actually made it with you? I know of some children who do NOT like liquid apple sauce, but they LOVE the one that’s homemade and that still has pieces in it! it’s worth trying…? ­čśë

  3. Just a couple of thoughts on the applesauce, I wonder if it’s just served so often as a healthy “filler” in his lunch that it’s lost it’s appeal. Maybe send it less often? And I totally agree with either trying a super quick homemade version, which tastes so different than store bought. I know that’s tough to do on a working mom’s schedule but you can make it in the crock pot on the weekend or in the microwave. I send my 8 year old to school with the no added sugar Motts variety but I add in cinnamon and ground flax seed with she loves. Warm it up and it’s almost a desert! Yum.

    I love that you send avocado, that’s a favorite of my daughters with fresh lime juice and tiny bit of sea salt, but I’ve never thought to send it in her lunch. Might have to try that.

    1. I agree with Jen. Charlie is probably just tired of applesauce in his lunch. I’m sure he still likes it. Just try offering it at home and find something different to add to the packed lunch rotation. I wouldn’t worry about it– kids go through all sorts of phases when it comes to what they prefer to eat!

  4. Saw the previous comment. In case making applesauce sounds too intimidating, how about just cutting up an apple, putting it in a steamer basket just as you would for broccoli, and steaming it until soft? My son LOVES this, especially if I sprinkle just a touch of cinnamon on it (he loves anything with cinnamon) — and Charlie could definitely help out putting the apple chunks in the steamer.

  5. Does he have enough time to eat the applesauce?

    My son is 5 and in kindy this year. 90% of the time, he barely eats any of his lunch at school regardless of what it is. He will drink his milk or juice and pick at the food but when the teacher’s back is turned, he just packs all of his food back up.

    My 7 year old is on medication that limits her appetite so I simply pack them each 1/2 of a lunch just in case they do eat something.

    Honestly, with 3 kids now, I know they will eat when they are hungry and try not to worry about it.

  6. My son started doing the same thing at that age with applesauce and yogurt, which bummed me out as they were the easiest (ie, no prep) things to put in his lunch. When I asked why, he said, “It sounded good last night when you asked but I didn’t want it anymore by lunchtime.” So I started asking in the morning, hoping it would be closer to an accurate answer. Good luck!

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