My kind of town: Shedd Aquarium

This summer I took Charlie to the Shedd Aquarium. When I told him we were going to the aquarium, he told me that he wanted to bring a fishing pole. I tried get him to understand why we couldn’t do that but he didn’t get it. To him his logic was flawless: I like to eat fish, they have fish there, let’s catch some. Thankfully we don’t own fishing poles so I was able to redirect him.

Charlie is very intrigued by jellyfish ever since my husband told him that when Chinese people get married they eat jellyfish. It is a Chinese custom and yes, my husband and I ate jellyfish at our Chinese wedding reception. Well, Charlie now wants to get married so that he can eat jellyfish. He has mentioned marrying a little boy in his class, also me, and/or my husband. All to get a sample of jellyfish.

When I see a jellyfish, I don’t think “food.”

I just love how they move.

This shot of white jellyfish was my desktop background for a little while and from a far Charlie thought it looked like a “tar” (guitar). Sure does.

They dip and roll.

Here Charlie is with his “noculars” — he’s explaining something to me, as usual.

We found Nemo!

There’s where Nemo likes to hang out these days.

ย They have short movies (12 minutes) in 3D. The two of us saw the “Dora” movie. This is a rare treat because TV is only watched on special occasions at our house.

I took this shot from the window of Shedd’s cafeteria. The Shedd is on a strip of land that juts out in the lake so the vistas back towards the city are tremendous.

Looking at this shot all I’m thinking is…I miss summer!

(I’m doing a series on Chicago and sharing photos I’ve taken around my city. I love it here. This is part of NaBloPoMo — National Blog Posting Month. I’m endeavoring to post every day in November).

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8 thoughts on “My kind of town: Shedd Aquarium

  1. Shedd is an amazing place to be. I’ve been there a few times on my trips to Chicago and it never gets old. I love the Field History museum even more! I look forward to your “Chicago” series of posts, it makes me want to go back soon!

  2. Charlie sounds like a super cool kid! And the Nemo bit reminds me of my trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, where kids went nuts with excitement over Nemo.

  3. I had totally forgotten about eating jellyfish! When I studied abroad in China we went to a really fancy restaurant for one of our special “cultural enrichment” activities and we were served jellyfish as an appetizer. I remember not wanting to eat But the Chinese hosts were so excited to give us this dish. I ate some and while I don’t think I would go out of my way to have it again, it wasn’t horrible!

  4. Chicago Rocks ๐Ÿ™‚ I love your blog. I’m at NEIU studying to teach high school English. I love reading your blog because its like a glimpse into CPS before I get there (if I do… i’m not so keen on moving out of Oak Park, I love my apartment) Thanks for all your great posts.

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