Cooking Up Change (Part 1)

Tonight I attended Cooking Up Change. It’s an event where high school students create a school lunch meal for $1.00 per serving and then compete to earn a spot in the national contest in DC. I was able to chat with every single team (12 teams from 12 different high schools from Chicago Public Schools participated) and find out more about how they developed the recipes. I was impressed by their food knowledge and their enthusiasm — as well as the food!

Next week I’ll write a post on my experience and share pictures of the creative and delicious school lunches that the students created. For now a photo of my program will have to suffice because I’m exhausted!

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2 thoughts on “Cooking Up Change (Part 1)

  1. It was very nice to see you are very involved in helping schools lunches. I’m a high student and our lunches have upset my stomach before. I’m sure students would do anything to have a better lunch that actually fills them up!

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