The New Mrs. Q


I owe you a real blog post, but I’m too tired to write one. I’ve realized that writing good blog posts takes more than one or two nights. Recently I haven’t had much time to do any good writing. But I want you to know that it’s so nice not to live a double life.

I’m still wondering if something is bad will happen because it still is early (it hasn’t been two weeks yet). But remember how I felt so much inner turmoil over the past 20 months? It’s basically gone. In its place I feel relief.

This whole thing has been fun for my family and friends, too. I hadn’t told too many people about what I did so many were floored. They will never again doubt my ability to keep a secret! Here’s a sampling of some of the questions I have gotten from those close to me:

What was it like to go on TV?

It was like taking a trip to the moon (faraway and surreal).

Are you going to be able to retire now?

I don’t think anyone can write a book about school lunch and “get rich.” I’m so proud of the fact I wrote a book that hopefully will make a difference, but I didn’t do it for the money. In fact, I’m going to be donating some of my proceeds from book sales to Farm to School (that fact is printed on the back cover).

Now that I’m out…do you have any questions for me (that the book didn’t answer)?

Note: I moderate your first comment and then you can comment freely after that. I was getting massive go-on-a-cruise spam comments so I had to change my policy. If you’ve ever commented before, you’re in.

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10 thoughts on “The New Mrs. Q

  1. So happy that you don’t have to worry about staying incognito! That has to free up some mental space!

  2. Happy for you that you no longer have to hide. I’m curious if anyone at your school has said anything to you? I know you were concerned about the reaction of your administration. Have they even acknowledged you and the blog/book in a positive or negative manner?

  3. I’m wondering how you feel about elementary school teachers using candy and sweets as rewards. My daughter attends speech class and brings home candy from the “treasure box” every week as a reward for doing her speech homework. Add that to her classroom teacher’s mid-week ice cream party and Edible Art on Fridays (where the kids make a craft using food — marshmallows, chocolate chips, cookies, gummy bears, etc.) and she has some sort of junk food at school three times a week. I’m nervous about saying anything because she has fabulous, caring, motivated teachers and I don’t want to tell them how they should run their classrooms. I just can’t help but think there must be a way to be fun and creative without constantly pushing junk food on the kids. Have you noticed this trend in the schools in which you’ve worked?

    1. Hi, M. I know you asked Mrs. Q’s opinion, but I couldn’t help but give mine! 😉 I work with teachers, teaching them nutrition and how to teach nutrition to students, and this is something I address often. I find that a lot of teachers give candy as rewards because it is what they have always done and because rewards work very well. When presented with healthier options for rewards, I’ve never had a teacher turn me down. They spend so much of their own money on things for their students that they are so grateful to receive goodies to use as rewards for their students. I buy healthy prize boxes with stickers, pencils, bookmarks and tattoos in them, and I raffle them off at our nutrition trainings. They are always the first thing to go. I’d bet your daughter’s teachers would be open to using healthier options if they were affordable (especially free!). You could buy a pre-made kit like I do or I bet it would be even cheaper to do it yourself from the dollar store. The students are excited because they get a prize, not because of what the prize is. Well, maybe if it was a bike or something it might be a bigger deal! 😉 I hope that helps.

  4. Yes, what Philippa asked. Have you had any feedback from your colleagues at either your current school or your previous school?

  5. Yes, I am also curious about reactions from your current and past co-workers! Has anyone be very negative vs very positive about the whole experience?

  6. Was anyone “worried” about you losing your mystery? About reprecutions from your district?

  7. I’m in! That sounds so fun. I’m wondering how many books you’ve sold already. How many did you have published?

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