Parenting’s Mom Congress: My Best & Worst School Lunches

In the second post in the series, invited me to share some of the lunches that I ate last year. I think it’s perfect for this week — it’s National School Lunch Week and today was Take Your Parents to Lunch Day. Did you make it into your child’s cafeteria? If not, are you ready for a flashback?

Mrs Q of Fed Up With Lunch on Her Best & Worst Lunches

After eating 162 school lunches in 2010, I’d like to share some of my favorite meals (really, there were some!) as well as some of those that were—to put it politely—less than appealing.

Before you click over to their site, can you guess which meals I liked and which ones I didn’t care for? You might be surprised…

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6 thoughts on “Parenting’s Mom Congress: My Best & Worst School Lunches

  1. The worst dishes I’ve seen at my school are something called “beef dippers” (I refuse to even try them) and chicken Os (breaded “chicken” pressed into the shape of an O) .

  2. Just discovered your book and your website–which I think is a fantastic project! definitely blog about this in the next few days…and keep you posted about the best (and worst) replies I get!

  3. My mother’s cousin was extremely proud of her smooth, creamy puddings (back before instant puddings). Her niece asked her once why she never made chocolate pudding like they had at school. Eager to please, she asked how it was fixed. Replied the youngster, “I don’t know what they do to it, but it’s got lots of good lumps in it!”

    Similarly, my parents always complained when I refused to eat whole wheat bread: “That white stuff has no flavor to it.” They eventually discovered that I liked it for just that reason, complained about the “funny” taste of whole wheat bread, and even complained about having to shop in a bakery because of the smell of baked goods. They also planted a garden and discovered my brother and I prefer canned vegetables to fresh.

    Serving nutritious food is one thing; serving “good” food is a matter of opinion and taste buds.

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