Obesity Infograph

Thought you’d appreciate some of these facts.
A real post is coming soon — I promise!

Childhood Obesity Epidemic Infographic

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5 thoughts on “Obesity Infograph

  1. Wow. 86% That’s awful. Thanks for sharing this. I copied a link and pasted on my Facebook to share with all my family and friends.

  2. As a citizen of our society, I am appalled by my observations of parents today. The above facts solidify my feelings beyond subjectively feeling parents are lazy, self-absorbed, and basic breeders…No longer does parenthood mean raising healthy, well-adjusted citizens…now it’s just ‘squeeze it out’ and let everyone else handle the problem.

    Why are parents allowing this to happen? Please, help me understand!

  3. I know in high school (I’m a junior in college now) we had gym classes only every other day, otherwise we couldn’t have time for science labs. The days that we didn’t have gym, it was our science lab. But for New York State you NEED 4 years of gym in order to graduate. I know many seniors who had to take gym over the summer in order to get their degree.

    Also, speaking from personal experience, a lot of physical activity in high school comes from sports, dance, or other physical activity classes that require you to pay for them. Growing up I wanted to take horse back riding and cheer leading and martial arts but my family never had the money for them. So I feel that money ties an even larger role into obesity.

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