Why your education is important: Letter to my child #mcblogathon

Last week Parenting’s Mom Congress hosted a blog-a-thon inviting parents/bloggers/anyone to write a letter to their child(ren) as a new school year starts telling the kids how they will make their education the best it can be, using the Twitter handle #mcblogathon. Here’s my belated contribution to the blog-a-thon:

Dear Sweetie,

You are still very young, but I’m already thinking about your education. Part of the reason why we changed daycare centers was that we wanted to make sure your needs were being met. I wanted more structure for you in a school-like setting. The transition has not been easy, but I think you are doing great.

When I was a little girl, I went to a lot of different schools because my parents moved all over the country. It was very hard, especially in middle school and high school. My parents made decisions to move based upon financial motivations, not educational ones. In college, I was envious of some of the high school education experiences of my peers. Thankfully I was prepared for college, but I want more for you.

I can’t promise that we won’t move and there won’t be difficulties in your young life. Growing up is tough. However, I will tell you that I will make sure that you are challenged at school as well happy and healthy.

What I have learned in my work is that there is no “do over” for childhood. Every school year must be another opportunity for new growth. Now is a critical period of development for you, little guy. Dad and I love watching you grow and mature — it’s such a joy.

All you get is one shot at an education. It better be damn good because you’re all I got! We are so proud of our terrific little boy.

Your biggest fan,

Mom Q

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4 thoughts on “Why your education is important: Letter to my child #mcblogathon

  1. Your letter reminds me of all the things I’ve done for my kids concerning their education. It’s been a job; still is.

    You and your husband seem to be on the right path. Best wishes that your efforts will produce a content young man who will be prepared for adult life.

  2. As a fellow educator and mom, I love your letter. For my girls, their happiness and joy for learning are of paramount importance. The academic stuff follows when children are secure, content and engaged in the school community and at home. I’m sure he will read your blog entries one day and will be proud of you. Have you put this letter in a scrapbook for him, too?

  3. Thank you for such an honest letter. I too had to move alot more growing up than most students because of my dad’s career with the government. I missed alot of experiences but also learned to value them and do my best to ensure my children get to go through critical grades with out moves. I am amazed at how many companies expect employees to be willing to relocate although the pay for said position is not very high. Why put a family through that and put thier children through that? I am not speaking of executive positions…

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