Titanium Spork Award Winner!

And we have a winner!

Jenna Pepper, Food with Kid Appeal

I was really impressed by the strong nominations for her by multiple people (read the comments) and so I decided that I would just go ahead and give it to her without the vote. Here’s what Dana Woldow had to say about Jenna:

Jenna has been active at her own child’s school organizing and running pilot programs to get high sugar food out of the school meals and promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables. One great example is the Eat to Learn curriculum that she helped create and implement. As a result, raw broccoli consumption skyrocketed 80% and fresh fruit consumption is up 14%.

Jenna also ran a very successful breakfast pilot last year which demonstrated that breakfast participation would not decline even if the popular highly sweetened cereals and chocolate milk were replaced with a choice of either a hot breakfast or plain Cheerios, fresh fruit, and white milk. Read more about that pilot here.

In my 10 years of working as an advocate for better school food, I have met few parents as inspiring as Jenna is; her commitment to better nutrition for children, and her willingness to persevere even when faced with bureaucratic challenges, make her the perfect candidate for a Titanium Spork!

Hip, hip hooray for Jenna! I’ll be mailing you a sparkly Titanium Spork shortly!

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