One week until the reveal…

Thank you for being patient. Just one more week to go! Can you make it?

Then I’m out — my real name, my face and everything!

I’ll send you details soon about the reveal, but know this: It’s going to be on TV and in print.

How am I holding up? Most of the time I’m not thinking about it at all. I’m good at compartmentalizing. I have a lot going on. When I remember “oh yeah, it’s next week,” I feel a surge of nerves/fear/anxiety/excitement. A big mess of emotion. I’m just taking it one day at a time –for my own sanity.

When I blogged about the book a few weeks ago, many of you asked if it would be available via Kindle/Nook/ebook, etc and at the time I had no idea. The answer is yes!

Everything will be available on October 5th (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Chronicle Books).

One week away.

Ready or not

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36 thoughts on “One week until the reveal…

    1. My son’s Middle/High School has been serving lunches from that same company for last 3 years. He stopped buying his lunch when they made the switch, saying it was awful! I was surprised they brought it back a second year. The first week of school, I was asked to help serve in the lunch room and was appalled at the quality and how small these little packages are. They come frozen and are put in a warmer. I was very disappointed and could understand why my son wants to pack his own lunch. They are not cheap either, costing just under $4.00.
      I am glad someone has the guts to do something about it, cause I sure didn’t!

  1. HOLY CRAPOLA Cubleydoo! I’m so excited for you! (note the completely intentional rhyme) You truly are deserving of all the good things that have and are are about to happen to you. Thank you for bringing this issue to light in such a relatable manner and remember to enjoy the spotlight. If all goes to plan it shouldn’t be a permanent fixture in your life. A magical switch will appear and you’ll be able to turn it on and off on your own whims after the initial kablooey. (Too metaphorical…I know)


    Need to order my copy ASAP!

    Thank you for the attention you’ve brought to the subject. Sadly, I fear I will be packing lunches for years to come, but believe someday somehow, things will change for the better.

  3. I’ve been a reader of your blog for quite awhile. I also have my students come to read and blog about your blog. I will have to tell them about your big reveal next week! The majority of them totally agree with your line of thinking and think you are amazing! 🙂

  4. i am so per-ordering this book tomorrow. i love your blog and i even got my mom hooked to this blog. best blog ever.

  5. Wow, that’s soon! Can’t wait to finally put a face (and name!) to a “voice.” I’ve been reading almost since the beginning of the project and have loved watching your journey evolve. Very excited to read the book! Congratulations Mrs. Q, I hope this next chapter proves to be an amazing time for you.

  6. Mrs. Q, I’ve read your blog since the beginning, and I have to say that I too, am proud of you. I think that you have really matured, and I mean that as a compliment. And without this blog I would have never realized my own dairy sensitivity, which has been life-changing. Congrats, Brava, Good Luck!

  7. So exciting! I can’t wait to be able to see the woman behind the book!! And of course can’t wait to read it too. With a son that just started Kindergarten in public school – our daily lunch packing is influenced heavily by the ‘weekly food wrap’ here. Helps with ideas and keeps me thinking. Like you I get so sick of packing lunch by Friday! You’ve done a world of good here, and I’m glad the audience will grow with the book and your publicity. The more we know the better choices we make!

  8. So exciting Mrs Q!!!

    I think I’m particularly excited to FINALLY put a name to the face like I can with all the other blogs I follow!

    It’s been so great watching the blog and yourself as a blogger evolve into a food revolution machine! Congrats on all your hard work and I hope the book brings you great success!

  9. Awesome! I can’t wait to read the book, and learn more about you. Please post the details about your press so I can DVR an interview of you on the TEEEVVVEEE.

  10. Congrats!! I’ve been trying to guess the school district since the beginning…and wondered when you wrote that you changed schools this year, if you felt the need to disclose what you’re up to in your interview/conversation with your new school employers…good luck on your big day!

  11. Don’t care about your book, this is all just a publicity stunt to sell you book. I think I will write a book about teachers who spend their time researching material for their book instead of teaching the students.

  12. I asked this in a previous post — I’m soooo curious if you told your new employer about the Book and Blog before you were hired? (Or if they know now??)

  13. It is difficult for me to believe you are a teacher?? First of all, a teacher would know that teachers are not responsible for the food menu and would not want to have their valuable time with parents taken up with this issue. Second, since when is it mandatory for a teacher or a student to eat lunch at school? I took a home made lunch that my Mom made me every day to school. If they don’t like the menu,why are they paying for their children to eat there. Thirdly, a teacher would know the economic situations in public education and if they are required to provide expensive food for the children, where do you think the money will come from? So sad for you that you decided that this was your way to get your 15 minutes instead of teaching to the best of your ability.

  14. Just another comment for Sarah. Since when does a person criticize the very people,who given her a job? Sarah, you do know jobs are difficult to come by,don’t you? No child is required to eat a lunch at school….!

  15. Mrs. Q,

    I am so sad to see your book!! I have been a lunch lady for the last five years in the school district. My director has to analyze the menu each week by GOVERNMENT STANDARDS what is the acceptable amount of salt, sugar, potassium, and so on. She is an awesome lady and has worked very hard to serve healthy food. Within these guidelines she creates a healthy menu.

    I don’t think that by your book you will do anything but add higher costs to PARENTS! Since you are only adult who has eaten in a cafeteria, maybe you are not farmilliar with how things work. It is a no brainer that the government requires healthy food served. So what is the issue here? Are chicken nuggets so bad? Well these lunches are not designed to please adults but children and teens. I work at a high school, where I am proud to say our mens ROCKS! Yes there are BAKED chicken sandwiches, pizza, hamburgers, grinders, salad, cheezy bread. They also have to take a milk and fruit( Fruit includes oranges, strawberries, watermelon, grapes…and apples).

    Since last year my director has implented a plated meal that always comes with an extra serving like salad, or whole fruit. This week, we served Chef Salad, Enchiritos, and Baked Chicken, MP and gravy, salad and a roll. THese items I have mentioned are there main entrees, they still get to choose additional fruit, and or trail mix.

    I cannot understand why there has become such a hype over school lunches! It is funny and upseting. The kids are sad that there is talk of taking choclate milk away. There lunches are very healthy…far from Mcdonalds that most families including your probably eat at..even if you only get the Big & Tasty!

    I hope your judgement upon one school cafeteria is not the only census you have taken when you wrote your book. Healthy food is good and I love it….but I do not believe kids are getting fat because of school lunces!

    WHY ARE KIDS GETTING FAT????? Try NO EXCERCISE! How many kids do you see playing outside on a daily basis? Would you say that the majority of American kids are outside playing doing physical activity! NO! What are American children doing with their time these days???

    Watching TV and playing Video games! What do you buy for your children?

    In order for a child or an adult to maintain or lose weight they need physical activity. Maybe you should start a childrens gym! Instead of continuing the stigma that school lunches are bad! Your gonna make some money now!

  16. You don’t know what you are talking about. Have you eaten in every school cafeteria in the country? I have won the Stellar Award for Food exellence in my cafeteria for 5 years now. Our school has gardens where the children learn about planting, harvesting and EATING good food. Until you have eaten in every school cafeteria you need to STOP your ridiculous behavior. I personally invite you to come to Loveland Ohio and eat in my cafeteria!

  17. Just have a few questions. First off, what choices did you make in the lunch line? Two, did you eat everything or did you try to just eat what you wanted? Did you purposely try to eat things NOT good for you? I ask these questions because in my experience advocates for a cause tend to do things that will support their cause. If you are trying to prove school lunches are bad for kids, then you are going to eat the worst things and use that as your evidence and proof when in fact it is not. The food also didn’t cause your gluten and dairy issues either. ANY reasonable doctor will tell you that. You had the propensity for those allergies already and they would have shown up.

    I grew up eating cafeteria food before all the great food crusade started. I am neither gluten allergic, dairy allergic or overweight. What food advocates miss is that it isn’t the food causing the issues, it is the sheer lack of physical activity. Indeed, Michael Phelps the swimmer was eating 10,000 calories a day during his training. Way more than the average person would eat and he was slim and in shape. Why? Physical activity. Nowadays, our children sit on their collective backsides playing video games and watching television. This is causing more of the problem than the food. If you really want to advocate for something, getting kids outside and involved in physical activity is what you should be pushing because ANY food eaten in too great a quantity without associated physical activity will make you fat.

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