Lunch Wrap Up: Week of August 29th

I’m running a week behind in lunches. At some point I’m going to have to upload a mega post! That week was my first half-week back. My son ended up only going to day care two days that week, but I went three. Daddy got to stay home one day with the little guy. Much fun was had!

My son’s lunches

Ripped up pita bread, hummus, rice, corn (CSA), apples, pumpkin seeds

Hey, it’s meatless! The kid ate everything aside from the corn. He’s a big fan of the pumpkin seeds. Not all my lunches are hits, but I guess this one was. He likes this rice, but not most other kinds. It figures that this rice is from a restaurant. Day care menu: Meatballs, potatoes, green beans, watermelon and wheat bread. 

Chicken and potatoes, apples, BBQ sauce, pretzels, bar, pepper dressing with cucumber shapes (CSA) for dipping

My son is really into meat. Sometimes he’ll say, “I want chicken on the bone!” I can’t disagree with him. If I was to become a vegetarian, I would really miss eating meat off a bone. The chicken in his lunch is from a drumstick that I took off for him it fit in the container with a lid. Day care menu: chicken tenders, ketchup, pasta, carrot and celery sticks with ranch for dipping, mandarin oranges, and wheat bun. 

My lunches

Pumpkin seeds, turkey sandwich, Lara bar, risotto with cucumbers and tomatoes (CSA), apples

The risotto was great — it was from a box, but I added the fresh veggies. That Larabar flavor (Blueberry) is my favorite. Generally, I’m not a big Larabar person.

Pita, corn (CSA) and potatoes (farmer's market), hummus mixed with rice, chicken hot dog with pumpkin seeds and ketchup, cucumber slices (CSA)

Corn and potatoes is a match made in heaven. I associate mashed potatoes and corn as a holiday mixture that I stir up purposefully. Also, my son freaked with the hummus and the rice touched, so I took that hummus with me. The hot dog? Yes, I keep a pack of eco-friendly hot dogs without nitrites in my freezer for the nights when I just can’t cook. They were ok, not great.

Chicken drumstick, potatoes (farmer's market), Larabar, tomatoes and cucumbers (CSA)

This lunch was not big enough. I was hungry, ravenous even after work. The Larabar flavor that I ate that day was called “peanut butter cookie” and had three ingredients. Definitely my second favorite flavor!

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5 thoughts on “Lunch Wrap Up: Week of August 29th

  1. These lunches look delicious! You have inspired me to eat healthier.
    Btw, you should definitely try the Lime flavor Larabar. It is one of my favorites. I am definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for the Blueberry Larabar.

  2. My 4yo loves the pb & chocolate chip larabar. I keep one in my purse in case she gets hungry when we’re out. The twins like it too. They also like the pb cookie one. My favorite it the cherry pie, even though I don’t like cherry pies!

  3. I can understand why you’d be hungry! You’re only getting about 10-12g protein w/ each meal. Protein gives you good satiety & keeps your energy levels running along really well. Think about it this way: it’s impossible to overeat on protein b/c your body will literally not be able to put one more bite into your mouth b/c you’ll feel full. Consider how you can easily eat 1000+ cals (not you specifically, but ‘you’, a person) COULD binge on cookies & easily down a ton of cals from that carb-y food item. Try adding more protein to make sure you stay full & keep your muscles fueled! 🙂

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