Back to School

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New school year,

New school,

Same job,

Same district.

Long-time readers know that ever since I started the blog, I’ve been worried about my employment. That’s why I decided to be anonymous when I started the school lunch project (and I never intended on revealing myself). Readers asked me to stop blogging about my fear of job loss eighteen months ago when I seemed to bring it up in every post. So I really scaled back on blogging my paranoid thoughts. But I’ve been obsessing about my employment this whole time, just behind the scenes.

So when I got an opportunity to work at another school, I decided to take it. It wasn’t an easy choice (missing my students and coworkers), but it looks like it’s the right one.

I feel more peace now than I have felt in well over a year and a half.

It’s an identical job in an identical school. And still no one knows about my online identity and the blog — that’s the wild card in this “experiment.” But I’m finally able to relax and take it one day at a time.

Wow. It feels good to chill out for once. Maybe I’ll even wear my necklace to work!

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10 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Your new format looks great!
    Now can you show us what they are feeding the kids at your new school? (j/k.) 🙂

  2. Love the new website design!

    Did you really just now get back to school? We’ve been going for almost a month now… Hope you love the new school and fellow teachers!

  3. Sometimes moving schools can be liberating. I have a teacher friend who just changed to a new school this year and has been a bundle of nerves but is really glad she made the change. Good luck at your new school, with your new students and new coworkers!

  4. oh! i LOVE this format. so much more better than the blogger (meh) and the last version (plain). this one is just GREAT! not so cluttered as your blogger one, but not as sparse and weird as your previous one! and i wish you luck w/ your new job. i hope the principal over there understands you more!

  5. You sound like me! Except in different ways. I obsess over not having a job though. I can’t find a school counseling position and seemed to talk about it all the time in one of my personal blogs. I talked about it so much I actually opened a new blog about it, lol!

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